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I got nothing but depression lately, so here's a D-Dubs.
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"I got nothing but depression lately" aww... *hugs. I kind of know the feeling. I'm guessing feel better may not necessarily be what you want to hear or may not feel correct. I'm not really sure what to say to that. I hope you find some kind of answer I guess.
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I am the terror that flaps in the night!
I am the gum on the heel of your shoe you can't get off at 11pm on a sunday!
I am Darkwing Duck!
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Negaduck! Oh wait, wait. It's just that Dudley Do-Right imitator... Darkwing Duck.

Ah well. Excellence drawing tho.
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Oh man, I only just saw what you said in the description.

I hope you feel better, mate :hug:
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Um... does that relate to this picture?
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If it makes you feel better, word on the street is ol' DD's due to appear in the new Ducktales.
Don Carnage has been hinted as well, or at least his ship.
K4nK4n's avatar
Still my favourite Disney series hero. It'd be awesome if he actually appears in the new "Ducktales" remake.
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Lets get ... dangerous
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Being down in the dumps is never fun for anybody. Hope ya start feeling better!!!
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I'm sorry you're not feeling too hot, but you DO draw a mean Darkwing.  <3
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When there's trouble you call D-Dubs.
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Sorry to hear, hope you feel better. Nice work on this by the way.
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If all days were happy then it won't mean a thing,also nice duck :p
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Sorry you're feeling depressed lately, Sib. Hope you can overcome itsoon.<3
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Sending ya good vibes. 
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Sorry to hear that friend
Hope you feel better soon 
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aww hope you feel better! :hug:
Darkwing will cheer yah up! ;)
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I am the terror that flaps in the night.
I am the warrior who's drawn in black and white.
I am Darkwing Duck.

Can't resist. Hope you get out of that depression. Be strong Sibsy.
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