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I always resented the concept of Darkwing Duck, don't get me wrong I always considered to be a good quality show but alas when It came, It crushed my dreams of seeing the greatest Duck super hero to be brought to TV. And who´s this mysterious drake hero with a cool Eye Mask, Awesome Gun, great arsenal of Gadgets and iconic Vehicle you may be asking yourself, well interrogate yourself no longer and behold the marvel that is PATOMÁS (Play on words of Fantomas originally "Paperinik" in Italian).

You see I grew up reading  or you may say devouring Barks´s and Rosa´s palmiped sagas (The best stories of the duck family ever) and of course Guido Martina´s and Giovan Battista Carpi´s unmatched PAPERINIK. A hero who was born out of contempt and revenge against those how wrong him, dark and edgy, as close to Moore and Miller as Disney will ever get.

I´m a grown man and I have seen and read quite a lot of media from many different sources since I was very young thanks to
my geographical origin (like learning to read with Quino´s Mafalda a Political/Slice of life comic strip) and when I saw DW, even though I considered pretty good, I saw It as "too tame" and as a wasted opportunity for Disney to create what Warner Bros. Animation did a year later with Batman: The Animated Series.

Oh Dear
Miss Sabrina Alberghetti "Sibsy" If I where ever to ask anything from you It would be to do some art of Patomás "Paperinik" in order make him know among all of those who love adventurous ducks (also check Arne Duck, Its really good).

TL;DR = PATOMÁS RULES! DW not as much as he could have.