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A Hearth's Warming Tail


Earlier today, my 2nd to last episode of MLP ever aired. It's kind of strange to have a 'Christmas in summer" episode, but I'm not in control of scheduling, so don't bug me about it!

Either way, this was probably my most favorite episode to storyboard on in six seasons (definitely in my top 3). My only wish was that I had more than 2 1/2 weeks to board 3 songs/story.  The songs were so strong and inspiring, it killed me to have to "rush."
The episode was split between me and my board partner Megan. 
Either way, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. The entire MLP team did a fantastic job and I hope it will be added to the line up of Christmas cartoons families watch every year. 

These are the song sequences I had the pleasure of boarding on this episode. 

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love the songs in the episode

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:iconkelpbarplz: Here's a Kelp Bar to you, :iconsibsy:
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One of the better portrayals of A Christmas Carol I've seen, alongside The Muppets and Foxtrot.
AquilaTEagle's avatar
Also, was it your idea to put derpy on top of the tree?  This was so cute and sweet!!!
AquilaTEagle's avatar
These song sequences came out amazing!!!  Love it so much and I wish I could thank you and the others more for your hard work :)
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You worked on this episode!? That is awesome!
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The episode was fun, and the animation lively.  You will be missed.
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This is still my favorite episode, Luna's song was so heavy.
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There was an excellent job done with the visuals. You helped make a wonderful episode.
ZombiDJ's avatar
Love your stuff on the show!
Cinnamon-Swirls's avatar
I loved the episode :D and that's rare considering I'm not the biggest fan of season 6. :| Derpy on the tree was also adorable ;P and the best part of the episode. :)
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The songs were completely great, i enjoyed every one of them. Thank you so much :)
Technical0Difficulty's avatar
You did a wonderful job on these scenes.

I hadn't known this was your second-to-last episode. Where do you think you will be going with your talent in the future? : ) Whatever your plans, I do hope they work out for you.
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Fantastic episode!!! ^_^
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By far my most favorite episode of the season so far; some excellent work you and your board partner did!
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Derpy is immune to pain.
Rashy23's avatar
Loved this one. Shoulda know really.
TooCliched's avatar
It was a great episode! :)
cajobif's avatar
This became an instant classic to me. This is quite possibly one of the best episodes of the series without any doubt.

It was a incredible episode and it makes me feel even more sadder of your departure. Thank you for all your work on this magical episode.
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It was a really great episode too! ^.^
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That was an amazing episode!!! clappingantisepticeye HOPES AND DREAMS INTENSIFIES Excited Rainbow Dash chat emote D a n c i n g   D i p p e r ABM: Blowing a Kiss (Animated Icon) 
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it was a really nicely done ep..but Luna's song was something..
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