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Ebony looked at the painting and shrugged. “Just looks like a really fat woman to me.”
“Claudia, stop harassing the art people. You’re the one who dragged me out here.”
Ebony was not uncultured, nor crass, but the only person who felt she belonged in an art gallery was her friend Tsukiko. Not that she’d complain about getting a job, it was just that the interview was terribly rushed. Perhaps that meant she was really that good? That was great and all, but she still didn’t know anything about the paintings!
Still, she had a gym membership to think about. Her first choice was a waitress job that seemed too good to be true, tailor made for her eating habits. Then her friend Kiwi had to go and note that it’d be leave the gym mem
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Standing by his workbench, Rick tinkered with something that was awfully similar to a duck hooked up to a gaspipe. It was hard to tell if that was the actual case. Morty hadn't bothered to ask, going with the flow, so to speak. The duck thing sure was lively, though, as it was expected by anything with anything that size inserted through the back door. Hardened son of a bitch, that duck.

"Hey, Ri--"

"Shut up, Morty. I'm working on something veeerr-UURRP-rry delicate here, so shut up, Morty. I told you a second time so whatever you're going to say will already have a shut up attached to it."

In a haphazard manner, Rick grabbed a bottle whose content's colors could only be described as psychedelic. He poured most of it into the pipe, then the rest down his throat, before shattering the container a few inches away from Morty. The droplets of goo left on the floor moved in a peculiar manner, as if it beckoned anyone near it; a hypnotic goo dance, as it were.

"And now we wait," he sighed, after a job (supposedly) well done. "Three hours... three f**king hours. Science waits for no man, but man must -uurp- wait for science."

"Uuuh, I d-dunno if this is what I signed up for when you promised grand adventures."

"What? You you you thought I dragged you here for THIS?! No, Morty. You're coming with me to Earth V789 to to to help me, Morty. You're essential for this plan. Do you hear me, Morty? You think I brought you here to shove a thing up something's rectum? That's sick, Morty. That's disturbing. You got issues, Morty."

"Fine! Jeez, I get it... what's on Earth V789?"

"Liquid gold, Morty! They use it in their -uurp- cars, like we use gas to fuel them. It's everywhere, Morty, part of everyday life. And we're gonna go there to get some. And by some I mean a shit ton, because some is for losers."

"Wow, Rick... you you... are you going to solidify it or something and sell it? Sell it here?"

"Your mind is like a chimp with aids, Morty. Banal and repulsive."

With a click on the portal gun, Rick transported both of them to V789. It looked like Earth, no doubt about it, but as past experiences had proven time and time again, nothing was ever as it seemed. Morty twitched, walking close to Rick, afraid something bizarre would pop up out of nowhere. The lamp posts could be killer robots who had enslaved humanity, or there was a chance all cats were walking time bombs.

The area was familiar. Very familiar, in fact. It was their neighborhood, or a version of it, at least. Everything looked the same as back home, with people mowing their lawns, kids playing too close to the streets, and a mail man doing his daily rounds. It was peaceful, for a lack of a better word. Not that it was all tranquility and flowers and unicorns back home, but it sure was nice.

After Rick  exclaimed earlier it was a lot easier to siphon gas from a car owned by someone they knew, the duo soon closed in on their house, or the V789 version of their house, to be more precise. As Rick sat down by Jerry's car, prepared with several gas cans, Morty watched the mail man walking up to the V789 house, curious if his family still was the same as C137's, or if they had been replaced by a bunch of snot bug aliens from the Garphlarn galaxy.

Someone answered. It was Summer. Human Summer, it seemed. While not exactly wishing for something strange to smack him in the face, Morty couldn't help but to feel somewhat disappointed, since it was nothing but his bitch of a sister, being all normal and stuff. He turned back to Rick, who was close to empty the tank, not wasting a single drop.

"Look here, Morty. Cans of liqu-uuurrp-id gold, just waiting to get sold."

"I thought you weren't going to sell it."

"Well, duh, of course I'm going to sell it, but not in the way you were thinking, Morty. This gold, you see, is a rarity on Golnack 7. They drink it, Morty. They drink it, and they pay looots for it."

"Wh-wh-who drinks it?"

"Oh, for f**k's sake, Morty. The Golnackians or whatever. They're crazy for it. They trade Flim Flams and expensive machinery and stuff for it, Morty. Get your head out of yo-urrrrp- your ass."

"What... uh, what, why do you need Flim Flams or money or whatever so desperately?"

"All these questions are literally forming a brain tumour inside me, Morty. Wh-wh-why don't you go jump into Summer over there, so my brain can heal a little bit."

"Jump into Summ-- wait, what? What the f**k, Rick! Look at her, and and and... where's the mail man?"

"Gee, what a conundrum, Morty."

Looking back towards the door, Morty noticed how Summer had changed, or rather, her midriff had. Her tanktop was pushed up to her chest, leaving one hell of a large belly completely exposed, bulges all over. Unfazed by the shift in weight, steady on her feet, she casually wiped off some saliva from her lips.  Her expression and posture made it look as if it was nothing out of the ordinary, business like usual, which made the whole thing even freakier.

"Oh my god, Rick! Did she eat him?!"

"Go ask her yourself. I've got gold fuel to siphon."

"I-I-I dunno! Is th-that something only she can do? Or or or or can everyone do it here? M-m-maybe we shouldn't stay for too... long?"

In front of him, an annoyed Rick moved onto the next garage on the block, and behind him, Morty could feel something pushing. Parts of it felt soft, while sometimes robust and hard. Sure of what it was, he flew onto the car, quick as a bunny, with his V789 sister looking back at him. Judging from her dazed look, she was confused, and a bit shocked, too, as if she had seen a ghost.

"Morty? You're still here? That's weird..."

"Weird?! I'm not the one walking around, dancing around and stuff with my mouth, eating people! Oooh, that's sick, Summer! Is he, is he, is he digesting in there?"

"Technically, I'm digesting him in a moment, but whatever... can we get back to the You Being Here-deal? It's kinda freaking me out."

"Ooh? So so so... sooo I'm freaking YOU out? Why?"

"Ugh, get a clue already. I ate you, like, months ago. You tasted awful, by the way."

To say death was a common factor on Rick's adventures would be an understatement, plus there had been plenty of instances where Morty had been trapped inside the stomach or other smelly hole of who knows what... considering all that, seeing Summer, and the mail man, like that wasn't too bad. Freaky, definitely, maybe contesting for the number ten spot on the list of things he wished to erase from his memory, but all in all, not that awful. The initial shock died down a bit, though he stayed on his guard up on the car, hopefully far enough away from his sister's grasp.

"Gee, thanks, Summer. It's nice to know you cared so little about your brother."

"Pfft, like you wouldn't do the same in my position."

"I... uh... well... hey, where's mom and dad?"

"You're just gonna ask that when you haven't explained how you're here?"

"Hehe, well, you know... Rick has probably told you about, you know, different universes and different Earths and different... things. I'm Morty from another thing-- I m-mean, from another Earth."

"Who's Rick? And what are you on?"

"You know... Rick. Our grandfather, the guy stealing gas gold over there."

"Uh-huh, and I'm guessing all Morty's from all the different Earth's travel through different universes with creepy old guys. Cool story. I'm leaving now."

"W-w-w-wait, you're not gonna go crazy and eat me or something?"

"Do you want me to?"

"No no no! No. No, I thought you'd try to... wait, wh-wh-who would even want that?"

"Quite a few, actually."

"Did the mail man want to... do it?"


"I see... so, will he, uhm... turn into, you know, stuff?"

"Are you seriously asking what I think you're asking?"

"I m-mean, well, he's in there, so eventually he has to become... you know..."

"Who in their right mind would ask about their sister's-- uuugh, yes, Morty. Food turns into s**t. Or does it work different on your so called other Earth? Do people crap rainbows there? For f**k's sake, never talk to me again!"

With a loud and clear thud, Rick smashed a can of liquid gold into the hood of the car. "Wow, it's that time of the month, huh? Oh well, come on, Morty. Think of the Flim Flams and what we'll be doing with them."

Another inchoherent explanation to why they were doing this later, Morty was sent to cover the garages on the other side of the road, while Rick continued on his side. It was surprisingly easy to empty the tanks, even when caught in the middle of it. No one gave two shits about what he was doing. Eerie as it was, watching them smile and greet him as their property was in the middle of being stolen, it made for a pleasant change of pace. No one yelled, no one was angry, and no one tried to search his nipples for stolen weapons of mass destruction.

It was smooth sailing, all the way through the block. Fortunately, Rick had brought enough cans to empty seven more. UNfortunately, Rick was nowhere to be seen. There was no sign of him, not under the cars, not on the cars, nor on top of any building. By the looks of it, he had only siphoned half of a car's tank after the second one, most likely out of boredom.

Morty looked around, his face dripping with sweat. A few possibilities came to mind. He might have gone back home to fetch more containers, or raided a few houses to steal some, and maybe, just maybe, he had been devoured whole and was currently being turned into not-rainbows. Afraid, and almost certain, the latter would happen sooner or later, Morty rushed over to the V789 Smith household.

Slamming open the door, Morty found exactly what he predicted: A Summer with a larger belly than before, containing what appeared to be the mail man plus two. She was sitting on the couch, lost in her phone, while those inside her desperately tried to get out. One quick glance at Morty made her roll her eyes, before proceeding to scroll through whoever's profile page.

"Summer! God damn it, sp-sp-spit him out right now!"

"Not listening to the crazy different Earth boy, aaaand Like."

"C-c-come on, Summer! This isn't funny!"

"I know it's not. You're herEEEUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRP! F**k, that felt good..."

"Ewww, gross much?"

"Yeah right, when GUYS do it, it turns into a freakin' contest, but when GIRLS--"

"Listen, I don't have time for your equality bullshit right now. Barf or spit or or or... whatever, get Rick out of there!"

"How about no? That's the best I got."

"I swear, Summer, if you turn Rick into... into Rick poop, I'll-I'll-I'll..."

"You'll what, dive after him? That'll shut you up, at least. Plenty of room in here."

With a taunting look in her eye, Summer patted the side of her enormous gut. It wobbled a bit, growled for a couple of seconds, then wobbled again. They were really going at it in there, screaming, tumbling about, sometimes taking a break, only to remember the stomach acid burning them alive.

"Please, you have to let him out! Otherwise, I'll... I... oh my god, Rick... l-let him go..."

"Oh man," All of a sudden, Rick jumped out from the kitchen, laughing his ass off. "You're actually crying? Hahahaha! Rick poop, Morty? Oh f**k, that's priceless."

Jumping onto the couch, Rick kicked Morty aside and gave Summer a high-five. "You really thought she did it, didn't you? You thought she ate 'ol Rick, didn't you, Morty? HaHAAA-UURRP-haaa..."





This continued for some time.

Eventually, the choir of seemingly endless bodily functions ceased, much to the irritated Morty's forced delight. His dismay was no longer a funny subject, for the moment. It would only be a matter of time before they started laughing at him again. In order to prevent that, he insisted that him and Rick should not stay there any longer, longing for a place where his sister would not eat him out of the blue.

"Uuugh, you're such a buzzkill, Morty. We're having a wonder-rrurp-ful time here, and you want to ruin it, as always."

"I don't see how my sister, or V789 Summer or whatever, eating people and digesting them and doing other things is supposed to be wonderful."

"Well... head's up, Summer. Trick shot!"

With a quick push on the trigger, Rick created a portal right above Summer, who nonchalantly gulped down the person falling through. Rinse and repeat ten times, give or take, with various amounts of different species dropping down with every serving. A crowd-worth of sentient meals were packed inside her stomach, similar to sardines in a stuffy can, except they would sooner or later be reduced to the stuff food usually get reduced to. The circle of life, as Rick described it.

"More l-l-like the circle of fat," Morty proudly commented. "You know... because she's eaten so much and she's gonna be fat because the digested people will--"

"Shut up, Morty," groaned the others in unison.

"Okay," he whimpered. "But isn't it true, though?"

"Oh, for the love of," sighed Summer, once again fed up with her C137 brother's comment. "I'll gain weight, like everyone else, and then I'll work it all off, like everyone else, and after that, I'll definitely do it all over again."

"But... why?"

"Imagine, if you will, Morty," Rick chimed in. "And I know it's hard for you to focus, but try to stay with me here. Sometimes you do stuff because you want to and sometimes you do stuff for the hell of it. People who say that guns don't kill people, but people kill people, are people who just wants to shoot people with guns... for the hell of it, Morty. For the hell of it. Right, Summer?"

"Yeah yeah, totally, whatever you said..."


As Rick continued to transport more into his granddaughter's mouth, he, and her, failed to notice how the living room started to get a bit on the cramp side. Not before long, the table, TV, and pretty much anything in front of Summer, including Morty, were trapped between a belly and a hard place. Luckily not as hard as a rock, its sheer weight and ridiculously fast growth did a number on him regardless.

"R-R-Rick? Could you maybe STOP feeding her lots of stuff for a second!"

"Not stuff, Morty. People and alien people, and some other stuff too. She eats it all, Morty."

"I can see and feel that. Could you at least help me out of here?"

"Just a sec, Morty. I have an idea I need to trruurrrp-try out first."

This was quite an idea. Morty finally managed to slide out of his fleshy trap, only to see Rick voluntarily dive into Summer's gullet, to which she responded to by doing nothing... what a surprise. Well, that wasn't entirely true. The subtle look of disgust made it clear that Rick didn't please her pallate as much as the non-volunteers.

A few moments later, he returned, drenched in what nightmares are made of.

"Wh-wh-what did you do?"

"You know how I can make portals act with the properties of black holes, right, Morty?"

"Actually, I didn't... and what does that have to do with anything?"

"Are you seriously THAT stupid," Summer chuckled, for once looking up from her phone. "If this black hole portal thing is real, then it obviously means--"

"That I put a portal in the middle of a Quitarian universe and connected it to your stomach!"

"W-wait, what?!" Suddenly, she seemed legitimately concerned. Not worried, per se, but more towards the bewilderment spectrum. Shocked would be a more appropiate description. "I thought you put it in a large crowd or something, but you're putting an entire UNIVERSE inside me?!"

"I know I've put other people and alien people inside your mouth, but please, don't talk about me putting things inside you ever again. Gross, Summer... and Morty, we should probably head towards the ship."

"B-b-but we came in here through a portal," It was made pretty clear Morty was freaking out. "J-ju-just make another so w-w-w-w-we can get the f**k out of here!"

"Don't worry, Morty. Look, I'll just... oh shit, I forgot the portal gun inside."

"WHAT?! Th-then go get it!"

"I would, but you see, Morty, I'd never share the same room as a Quitarian, even if that rrruurrp-room happens to be your sister's stomach. Correction: ESPECIALLY if that room happens to be your sister's stomach. I will never hear the end of it."


"Ugh, relax, Mr... Mr... Mr. Complains Much... I got it covered."

A brilliant plan was in the making, and it consisted of not two, not three, but ONE simple step: Climbing onto the roof. There were some waiting involved too, so technically it was two. After a whole five seconds of waiting, they felt the roof crumbling. In the blink of an eye, it burst wide open, making them fly a couple of feet up into the air. The landing was a bit unsteady, though. The rapid expansion of Summer's midriff made it a bit shaky, which was understandable, full of planets and universe things as it was.

As it turned out, the Quitarian universe wasn't that big of a universe, roughly the size of Earth, a bit smaller. Needless to say, but said anyway, this caused the destruction of neighborhoods and cities, crushed by a hella big belly. A kind of sphere on another sphere, it was almost poetic, one for the history books. This was according to Rick, by the way.

"Wow... th-that was anticlimactic."

"Yeah, Morty. It's like someone didn't bother describing all that chaos and mayhem in greater detail."


"But it's important to remember what we've learned from this. Sometimes you gotta do-uuurrrrp things for the hell of it, Morty. And this was as hell of it as it could get."

"What does that even mean?"

"Don't question it, Morty. Look at the rest of Summer's body over there, all tiny compared to the rrrrest of her. It's hilarious, Morty."

"Sh-sh-she doesn't look that happy about it, Rick."

"That's because she'll be super fat soon, and has to work it all off, or maybe she won't be able to, because she'll be super fat."

"At least I won't be a huge jerk," they heard from the tiny body in the distance. "And maybe I'll enjoy being super fat. Don't knock it till you try it, right? Also, not working out will save me lots of time, anyway, so f**k you!"

"Okay, it's not hilarious anymore. Let's go home, Morty."

And with that, Rick pulled out the portal gun, which was NOT inside Summer, and went back home.
For The Hell Of It
Morty Morty Morty Morty Morty.

I usually don't do fanfics, but... here's something. 

"Hey, Sibon, you usually don't do ANYTHING nowadays."

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone of you who wished me a happeh burfday! Very appreciated! Lots of kisses and hugs for all of you! :D

Eeeeyup, what to say about my celebration of one more year on this planet... uhm, wasn't that much celebration, to be honest. Had some dinner with family members, then I had to go to work and stay there for sixty billion years, aka the rest of the day. Always fun when I have to adjust my life according to work. It's as if earning an earnest living is tough or something! Who wudda thunk it?!

Got some pretty sweet gifts though, mostly in the form of trips, so that's pretty sweet. Oh, and let's not forget this bizarre yet wonderful STORY I got from a certain magical man:  JonTron: Vore HacksJon sat by the window of his living room and stared out into the shining sun, reflecting upon the very creation of the games he held so dear.
"You know, a lot goes into making a game. When you get past all the hype and graphics, there is a team of men and women working hard trying to construct something that's remotely playable, let alone something that'll earn a buck. It can really make you appreciate all the time and effort put into even the simplest of games...
"But who cares about that shit? I wanna be dressed as Batman is Skyrim!" Jon happily displayed such an image on the monitor behind him.
"You've seen hacks and mods before, but you ain't never seen nothing like this. Unless you've watched the video before, in which case welcome back. How'd I do? You're looking better."
He held out his hand and a small Game Cube disc appeared in his hand. "Behold, Wind Waker Vore Edition. What's a vore? Well my sources tell me it is in fact a fetish regarding...the live consumption of living cr
. Go check it out right now. You won't be disappointed... or maybe you will, depending on your opinion. If that's the case, then you've just made :icongo-tee: cry. I hope you're happy. That poor little soul doesn't deserve that. Go give him a hug instead! :D

Anywhoo, what I was able to do on my birthday (putting work aside, that is) was pretty sweet and I'm satisfied with how it turned out. So, here's to another year of... uhm, pretty much the same actually, because I don't feel any different. HUZZAH! *raises glass of Dr. Pepper*

Laterz, beeatches!
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You don't think so?

Well... opinions! You has them, I has them, but if you don't like the shiet I produce, well, feel free to criticize the hell out of it, but what are you even doing here in the first place? Oh, there's a carnival around here and you just happened to catch a glimpse of me and got interested? Oh, that's understandable... fun times!

If you DO agree with my opinions, then great! Bellies and fatties, am I right? Hi five!... can't hi five through the computer, eh? Alright, I'll give you some time on that. We'll totally do it later.

For now, enjoy... or not. Up to you!

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