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Magic Lamp with Sparkles -- Free Icon

A free icon featuring a magic genie's lamp, with some pink smoke coming from it. ^^

I've wanted to do a piece with a soft pink and gold for a while now, and this idea just kinda popped in my head.

As with any of my free icons, this is free to use, edit, redistribute, etc. I would appreciate a link back or a fav if you use it, but it's not necessary. ^^

For more free icons, please check out my gallery (this link will take you to my Free Icons folder): [link]

Total time taken: 10 minutes
Frames: 6
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My friend this is amazing for ten minutes ;w;
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:(  Unfortunately for some reason I cannot download this and I LOVE it!!!  LOL
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Can I use this plz?
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And now we just need a genie! YAAAY!

Woah, only 10 minutes? That's so fast Sibi-chan!
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I wish I could think of how to draw a genie OTL
Thank you, though! Yep, only 10 minutes on this puppy! Most of it was with the smoke and sparkles. :D
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Hmm, yeah it might be interesting if there was a genie of this lamp.

Like, who is anybody expecting? A cute female genie, chibi-styled?
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Lol, I bet you could!
You're welcome~ Lol, so fast! *A*
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I love this! great job:)
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