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  • Feb 21, 1992
  • United States
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My Bio
Rainbow Monster by kouenli Music lover 2 by GarfieldXRabbid :djspkrl: by FDNT:thumb748727357: :djspkrl: by FDNT

Hello there, and welcome to my gallery!

What you will firstly notice (aside from my Husky), is that I'm a collector of many things. Diecast cars, videogames and VHS tapes being the top 3. Exit signs, cell phones, coins and paper money, and other random odds and ends being next in the rank.

My gallery here will reflect that, although it is still a variety account. I am an amateur photographer and always will stay that way. Don't be afraid to mass-favorite, mass-comment, or comment on my images. I won't bite you for doing so. I love getting feedback! It shows me that people enjoy what I upload. :3

I am also a Hot Wheels/Matchbox/etc. diecast collector. If you have some old stuff collecting dust at your house remember that diecast donations are accepted. (Hey, I might as well try!)

Disclaimer: My photos are NOT STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY. Please DO NOT modify or use for commercial/for profit applications. Thank you.

Remember that DOGE is always watching, so be good!

All DragonBrothers icons here:

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Addicted to ebay by PixelAnima Stamp - Internet Dependency by onnawufei I talk to my dog stamp by zelda-pianogirl I am always tired by paramoreSUCKS Stamp: Hardworking Wish by starfire-wolf I observe. by Snuf-Stamps 90's Kid -STAMP- by DarthTella :thumb267730950: :thumb205098306: 'Explaining' Stamp by Sonira-Stamps Friendly Deviant by Luna-Akari Checking Messages Stamp by Drake1 . i P r o c r a s t i n a t e by mistandsparkles Shy Stamp by Neko-Musume Talking To Myself Stamp by MrAwesomeArtist More time... by prosaix . i S l e e p . by mistandsparkles Stamp - Text With Words by onnawufei :thumb207575084: :thumb207577867: :thumb291146687: Stamp: Sunrise by Nekromanda Optimist Stamp by Melody-Chaos :I Don't Do Hook-Ups: by Thongchan They're My Children by savagebinn Slow to reply to messages by TheHopefulRomantics Texting Stamp by JFG107-Stamps Stamp: don't always reply by ohhperttylight Hate Storage Stamp by izka197 Stamp - Dog Lover by MauserGirl Wolf Lover, Stamp by JazzAaro Stamp: Not Antisocial by AkaSunshine Stamp by Kataang-furuba My Memory Sucks by renatalmar .:I forget shit.: by Da-Dingo Excessive Profanity stamp by HappyStamp I support writing English by FragileReveries Husky Eyes Stamp by HelloImaginaryFriend Don't ask stamp by izka197 Don't watch stamp by izka197 no points for llamas stamp by izka197 Brony Stamp by SnowSniffer :thumb279561965: :thumb314670938: 90's CARTOONS FAN stamp by RiniWonderland I still love PS2 Stamp__ by DarkShelke I love Tundra Wolves by WishmasterAlchemist iTunes User Stamp by anekdamian Wireless Mouse User by SNKGFX FireFox User Stamp by anekdamian YOU GUYS by Dametora I don't care if it's for kids by Latiosdude No Messages Stamp by serafine-enifares Thought Stamp by SailorSolar Online ads by prosaix :thumb217483256: Silly Nazis by paramoreSUCKS No messages? Stamp by rJoyceyy Mountain Dew by Pheos STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz Feels alot younger: Stamp by JazzAaro

DB3 - Always Read Comments by SparkLum DB3 - Fav without Worry by SparkLum

Things That I Like, Support, Or Believe In
Yet another anti-BSL stamp. by ILTBY :thumb339743021: :thumb304324968: :thumb338437842: DA Stamp - Fursuits 01 by tppgraphics Trust must be Earned by HopeSwings777 But maybe some day..... by SirvanaRachana Mayotte by SirvanaRachana New Zealand by SirvanaRachana Stamp: Procrastinator Unite.. by Nawamane :thumb281682952: I don't care if it's for kids by Latiosdude :thumb173973721: Wolves stamp by Tollerka Stamp: Art School by Nekromanda :thumb331568517: Make Sense Please Stamp by In-The-Zone Balto Stamp by RaspberrySaladz Husky Love Stamp by cloudrat My HL2 Stamp by LinkMasterXP Trailer Park Boys Stamp by mistressmaxwell PC Stamp by PunkNarumi Disabled Comments by Tartly-Sweet ::Wolf's Rain Stamp by raven-the-hedgehog :thumb107292221: Wolfs by paramoreSUCKS I Support Pit Bulls stamp by zelos22 Hot Wheels Stamp by Bakumi Nos Stamp by TheRealBlack mnt dew stamp by Xeromander Love furry art stamp 2 by HavickArt Console wars are Stupid by jlu650 Your Husky... by alaska-is-a-husky Balto oo2 by HuskeeStamps Gta Stamp by PrincessTigerLili GTA IV - Niko Bellic Stamp by Raiyun Rockstar Fan 4 by DeviantSith Original PlayStation Stamp by nakashimariku John Marston ftw by Vogelfreyh Sony by phantom :thumb269316443: Dragon Brothers Stamp by Garetiem Say No to Chain Letters by Mr-Stamp Get Firefox by catekroft :vhs: by BLUEamnesiac I still love VHS by Lurkerbunny Youtube by EmpiraArieona Rainbow Dash Stamp by Kevfin PETA... by Foxstar241

Mature Content

Hate to break it to you, but... by SweetlyCanada
:thumb675825364: Real Music Stamp by JazzAaro It Sucks: Stamp by JazzAaro

Companies & Corporations That I Throw My Money At
:thumb647726159: Firefox User Stamp by JazzAaro

My Videogame Console Collection

:thumb263676690: :thumb263677141: :thumb264670346: :thumb268991491: :thumb263677211: :thumb268991500: :thumb268991510: :thumb268991703: :thumb263677282: :thumb263676832: :thumb263677358: :thumb263677431: :thumb269316597: :thumb269316483: :thumb269316453: :thumb263676945: :thumb263677042: :thumb263676780: :thumb269316588: :thumb263677478: :thumb269316605: Steam User Stamp by JazzAaro Ps4 Owner Stamp by JazzAaro Xboxone Owner Stamp by JazzAaro Xbox360slim Owner Stamp by JazzAaro 3dsxl Owner Stamp by JazzAaro Dsi Owner Stamp by JazzAaro Dslite Owner Stamp by JazzAaro Wiiu Owner Stamp by JazzAaro Sega Mega Drive Owner Stamp by JazzAaro Psone Owner Stamp by JazzAaro
*Game console stamps courtesy of JazzaX

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Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
90's action, or action-comedies
Favourite TV Shows
Trailer Park Boys, The Office, Bojack Horseman, Top Gear UK
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
too many to list
Favourite Books
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
Grand Theft Auto V, Katamari Damacy, Need or Speed series
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Tools of the Trade
Sony Cybershot DSC-S780, Sony Cybershot DSC-TX1
Other Interests
too many to list
I fucking hate DeviantArt staff for selling out to Wix to pad their pockets. The site has been a total shithole ever since and it gets worse and worse every month. The entire soul of the site is fucking gone. It used to be a chill site to hang with your friends and show each other's photos and everything. Discover new art, see cool stuff. It's all fucking gone now. I can not see any notifications when anyone posts a new submission. I can't see how many notifications I have in my inbox. I can't see how many submission notifications are on a person's gallery in my inbox. I can't reply to comments easily. I can't view galleries easily. Journals are buried and forgotten and shoved away. You can't personalize your page with stamps and banners anymore. You can;t see who is online and how long ago they were last online. You're not notified when it's someone's birthday. Nobody gets notice about art, photos, journals, nothing anymore. Nobody can see anything anymore. It's all gone. The site
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Free Pizza

2 min read
Tonight I ordered Pizza Hut and when I got it, I found the driver gave me the wrong pizza. Someone else's order. I called the store and they asked me if I wanted to remake the order, but then they said no they can't because they are totally out of food period (this was 10 mins to close). I say well just cancel the order and all that, and he says okay it will be cancelled when the driver gets back. They call me back 5m later and say the driver noticed his mistake and will be sending the correct order off. I asked what they want me to do with the pizza, he said just keep it. I get my food and eat everything, and all that. I felt kind of bad that the other person didn't get their pizza. I look at the receipt that the driver gave with the mistake pizza out of curiosity and it does not sound familiar. I decide to look it up in Google Maps and as well as my city's GIS land parcel map. Guess what? The address does not exist. The road is just some dead end vacant road in a derelict part
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1 min read
Sorry I got delayed this past week, had some dental problems and needed to get stuff taken care of. Still have more to do but that was all for this past week, the rest will come later on. every time i try and get started on something some other bullshit happens and pushes me back. had the exam's the shopping list of problems: 2 fractured teeth 3 cavities wisdom tooth has a cavity between the teeth he cant get at that he recommends getting surgically removed other tooth is fractured too much and he recommends getting that removed too its gonna cost around $2,000 with no insurance (have no insurance) to get the two teeth removed, and ill have to be put to sleep for them to do that. hes gonna take care of the cavities first and then i will have to go to another location to do the surgery next appointment is january 31, so the clock starts then
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Do you still get on here?

I am. I just posted a journal a month ago.

:love: !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :love:

It's February 21st which means it's that time of year again and your special day is here! We hope you have an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!

Many well wishes and love from your friendly birthdays team.


Birthdays Team

This greeting was brought to you by @chassb