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Sib's Kingmaker: Ambush at Oleg's

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NOTE: The map is uglynasty when viewed in anything less than full-size. Everything's blurry like hell. A blurry hell.

Let me know if there's anything glaringly obvious that I missed. I wasn't exactly completely free of influence, namely that which accompanies an excess sugar and a dearth of sleep.

Most of the map is pretty self-explanatory. The grey-specked bars of brown around the fort are the walls, the brown spaces inside that are the walk that runs around the circumference of the fort. There are two ladders up, as you can see on the original map.

The dark grey dots are bandits, with their leader, the hooded bandit marked with black. Oleg is the lilac-coloured dot, and each of the players are marked the first letter or two of their name.

It's not sexy, but it does what we need it to, which is show us who to kill and how far.

Surprise Round: Ramathu Charged B-3, Aria slipped around to B-2, Sordin moved down platform, Junn pushed door open and moved in to attack the leader, Lloyd watched for an opening, Ortlieb moved up with Ramathu, Sylvia fired a magic missile at HB, and Oleg retreated.

Note that I forgot to include Claptrap, the horse. He's in the stall at the far left, and he'll be in the next map update.

Round 1: Ramathu beat B-3 half senseless, Aria began dancing and missed B-2, Sordin shot B-1 once, Junn injured HB pretty well and moved on to B-1, Lloyd waited, HB got desperate and threw a flask of alchemist's fire oil into the stables, missing Sylvia but igniting the floor o the building,

(half-round interruption): Ortlieb reacted quickly and cast a hydraulic push into the middle of the blaze, doing much to quell the flames, but not enough to extinquish, B-3 retreated to his leader while the other two tried to fight their way out and Sylvia blasted the leader dead.

Round 2: Ramathu beat down the thug before he could flee in the wake of his leader's demise. Lloyd ran to the guesthouse for his medical supplies. Aria julienne-d B-2 to the edge of consciousness, who submitted, Junn smote B-1.

After Combat: With combat over, it was a simple matter to help Oleg put out the fire and calm Claptrap. Lloyd managed to tend to the leader's wounds while the others stabilized on their own. The foes were stripped of their possession and Sylvia quickly took charge of interrogation in Oleg's office. The unconscious prisoners are given the currently empty storage hut for confinement, and are to be interrogated as they regain consciousness (aided by magic, mayhap).
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It's funny to see that you indicated that Ramathu is beside Ortlieb with the arrow, but then you throw his icon on the outside of the fort. I just laugh... and cry... and then go get a drink of water to replace what was lost when crying.
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Hehe, I'll need a dot for him sooner or later, so there it goes until it's time to step out... which is next round.
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I still had to replenish my water supply.