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I’ll be facing an extra 500 Euro bill at the end of this month. Commissions are going well, but I doubt I’ll be able to make this amount by the end of the week. So if you have anything spare to donate, it’s very highly appreciated. I don’t know what to offer except my gratitude. It’s hard for me to ask this.

The goal is met. I don't know what to say. I didn't actually expect this. I'm overwhelmed.
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Wonderful that you met the goal. I could only signal-boost on tumblr for some strange reason, but I hope it helped <3
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awesome, glad to hear you got enough help!! :)
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Good for you, bro - congratulations! :wave:
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Are you still open for commisions? Just thought I'd ask.
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Yep, here's the info:
Although depending on the complexity, we might have move it to next month since I already have two people in waiting. Send me an email so we can discuss details.
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Done. I hope I clicked the right button: the 'donate' that goes through Paypal, right? :?

...How about more sparity art as a thanks? I am captain of that ship =D
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Yes, that's correct. Thank you!
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I sent you a little something. Hope things look better for you in the future! ^^ Best of Wishes!
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How many euros is 10 US dollars worth?
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8.82 according to Google.
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Wow, you're definitely in the hole. :O If I had any more money, I would donate, but I need to pay my electricity and garbage for the month still. :(
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Signal boosted.  Hope it helps.
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I don't have a paypal/bank account so I can't donate any money, but I hope you receive a lot of donations! :)
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i'm in the middle of paying for collage and applying for another course to earn my bachelor's degree in art.
i don't have any spare money right now. i'm sorry.
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I would donate if I could, but being in the middle of a move, I need what little I have. I can, however, help you with a signal boost if you want me to, both here and on Tumblr.
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Yes, it might help.
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I will upload here and on tumblr as soon as I can. Just need to walk the dogs.
gave ya a bit. ten dollars usa.
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I don't really have any way to donate! D:

Man, I need a job...
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