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inappropriate discord 4

series of discord being highly inappropriate that i made last week :D
no 4 - pinkie pie
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Just make it rain chocolate milk again and she's all your's lol
NummyPixels's avatar
Could I make this into a base? C:
NummyPixels's avatar
Thanks so much! I'll let you know when it's done! x3
RukarioTrainer's avatar
It could also be taken as him being threatening since he's holding a claw to her throat.
kingofpriderock's avatar
Yes ! Give in Pinkie! Do the Pony Poky !
Kluez's avatar
Pony Pokey?

irkangirlq1516's avatar
Pony version of the Hokey Pokey. "You put your right hoof in, you put your right hoof out. You put put your right hoof in and you shake it all about!"
If you get what I'm saying.
shadowhot's avatar
pinkie likes discord any so do it and anyone whos seen and the rest it is funny and sick but funny
irkangirlq1516's avatar
Told my non-Dispie friends about this... Thought that there was a punchline where Pinkie actually thinks he means the Pony-Pokey. :iconfacepalmplz:
Gohst-chan's avatar
hahah cant stop laughing XD
DolphinBuster's avatar
Pinkie Pie wants it............I KNOW YOU WANT IT PINKIE ! DON'T DENY.
bitter-knitter's avatar
Youuu.... reach your right hoof in, you reach you right hoof out, and you shake it all about!

If you know what I mean ;)
raelin11's avatar
Omg I get what you mean!!!! XD
irkangirlq1516's avatar
Pinkie Pie... I see you smiling there... You know you want a little more Discord in you life... I know I do. Hehehehe.. Heey OH!!! :giggle:
Adharmageddon's avatar
Ohhh man! please finish this :heart:
:iconbadassdiscordplz::iconsaysplz::iconbonerplz: Swaaaag
FlashakaViolet's avatar
This is my favourite. Great job :'D
Madame-Grell's avatar
Nobody pony pokey's with Pinkie except Pokey!!
YeaImABrony-GotAProb's avatar
Pinkie's like, :iconwaitwhatplz: O wait, um, look, it's a thing! I'm gonna go, and um, do what that thing needs, um done.
pootiet12345's avatar
make it start with the chocolate milk and you will get laid discord
FEuJenny07's avatar
I'm quite certain she would completely misunderstand it...
Pinkie: "YAY! Pony Pokey! *starts poking his nose* Pokey!"
...Causing poor Discord a BIG frustration XD
peachodonnell's avatar
I honestly think she's considering it, you can tell by the look on her face lol
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