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commission: caught a cold

commission for :iconrokkumanraito:
rainbow dash has been napping too much outside, so she caught a cold. applejack is nursing her back to health.

ironically i caught a cold myself just when i started this piece so it took a bit longer to complete than usual.
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"Why do I have to stay down here again?"
"Can't have you flyin' in your condition. You're grounded til you get better, sugarcube."
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dawww! nurse applejack Giggle 
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can i re-draw this but make it me and my friend? (If no is ok...)
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Better ask :iconrokkumanraito: cause he commissioned the picture.
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Aw! Poor RD, but that's what'cha get for nappin' outdoors too much. ;)
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D'aaaw...!!! What a cute scene... :love: :love: :love:
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This is probably my main OTP pairing <_> I know people will hate me for that.
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"Now RD, I don't wanna hear all that hooey about gettin' back in the air! Ya gotta stay in bed until this cold is gone fer good! No if, and's or buts!"
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Daww, this is cute, even Applejack is there to heal Rainbow Dash when she's sick.
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This is adorable.
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squeal. The most adorable cutest thing ever!!!
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I dislike the shipping but this looks more like friendship and I adore this. <3
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Friendship cures the diseased, k?
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I think it's just too much lesbianism people in the way, that's what it probably is. But I probably agree that pairings like this one are more of friendly/friendship pairings.
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I'm the sickest I've ever been in my entire life, but watching ponies care for each other has managed to make me feel a bit better. I think I posted that on another picture, but I can't really remember anything right now.
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I'm not good with comments - I just wanted to tell you that I really love this one.
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wawwwwww, cute!!!

We just got our first snowfall. so pretty <3
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