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candydate for worst pun ever

recently :iconcevarity: made me the sweetest gift art (since it's the first one i've *ever* received), and it totally made my day, so i thought i'd return the favour.
haha, candy's having a total gosalyn moment.
i hope i got her size right, since it doesn't say anywhere how tall she is.
very fun to make, hope you like it sweetie! (oh the puns!)
candy cane (c) :iconcevarity:
pollinara (c) me
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Somebodies put extra sugar on their Frostie-O's this morning.
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sugar rush zombieeeee :D
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:rofl: at all the puns. And really? I didn't know I gave you the first gift art! Holy crap, I feel all honored now. :dance:

Thank you so much, I love the way this came out! I really love the expressions and poses both characters have. You captured Candy very well. :dance: (Don't worry about the size. I still have to get them all right myself. :lmao: )

Really, thank you so much! :glomp:
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yay! and looking forward to future art trades :aww:
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Candy is such a fun character! And dude, the thong. Bwahahaha. Also have to love Polly being in "WTF Okay suuure" mode. ;) They both have great expressions!
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I must say I love the design of Polly - and she looks like SO much fun to draw. And my I honestly, completely and shamelessly flatter your Gosalyn. She looks brilliant and i LOVE her facial expression.
And I love the overall design of your thin outlines/lines and the flat colouring - I really really adore it!
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thanks! although that isn't gosalyn. it's CeVarity's character Candy Cane. :)
feel free to draw polly btw! but tell me about it ^^
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My bad for not reading the description properly ;) - nonetheless she's still amazingly sweet-looking.
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no problem, thanks! :D
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i see see is also a plant girl like mine
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I can so see Candy swinging that lollipop around like a club to punt someone across the room.
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hehe,and if she licks it first, they stick to it :D
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Now THAT is a funnier image. DW trying to desperately pull it off of his face in mid-fight.
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...Now I want to draw a little comic of this. :XD:
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Go for it! You know you have the talent to pul it off.
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I shall when I get the chance. (I wrote the idea down on paper so I wouldn't forget to do it. :lmao: ) Gotta work on some things first though. ;)
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This is awesome! I just like Candy's expression and both of their posturing. Great job. I know she'll just love this :D
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let's hope so, cheers! :D
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