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cakes and cannibals 2

By Siansaar
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the story:
oh no! the natives are cannibals and want to eat rarity! pinkie pie seems to be their leader, but why doesn't she recognize her friends? will the others arrive in time to save rarity and rainbow dash?


edit: now also in colour. process videos at [link]
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Poor Rsrity! This is making a mess of her mane.
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MacyEdwardHobbyist General Artist
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I want some
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MLPegasis4898Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is just awesome!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Awesome !!!!
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ZDForrestHobbyist General Artist
You don't want to eat her! Too many preservatives!! All that make up she puts on will make her taste funny! 
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SiansaarProfessional Digital Artist
hehe :D
pinkie: "i like funny stuff" XD
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PonyknightStudent Digital Artist
"They treated me as their king; they put me in a hot tub!"
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Oh SHIT! Pinkie's finally got crazy enough to go tribal
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Very cool. And nice job bty.
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Tiggy-pawsHobbyist Digital Artist
Roasting a marshmallow! ;D
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Sorry I couldn't help this. LOL


Spike runs out of the bushes, his short hobbly legs wiggling and getting her now where as fast as he can move them. ( which isn’t too fast compared to a pony ) He barrels through some lawn decorations HuBBa Pinka has set up. “Almost there Rarity.”

Rarity: Spikey! Do hurry, this is very hot, and rather unkind to my skin. I think I am starting to sweat.

Spike leaps over some picnic tables and benches set up around pit of yummy foods and stuff that HuBBa Pinka has set up for everypony. Finally reaching the center of the foods and stuff pit, SPikey leaps into the air to rescue his damsel in distress. He puffs out his chest, stops mid air to check his scales and clean his teeth to an exasperated sigh from his damsel. After a lick stick of his dorsal thingies on his head, he continues his midair leap towards his hopefully after this bride. Her eyes go wide, his smile even wider. He spreads his arms out, opening his clawed hands to grab at the pole holding his soon to be mistress. PLAP! He lands right onto her face, the disgruntled mare and baby dragon sway violently for a few seconds. Then…

Rarity: “Oh Spikey-dear, do be a gentle-dork and relinquish yourself from my face. You smell rather bad.”

Spikey-dork: Well excuse me. It is hot out and Twilight locked me out of the library again."

Rarity groans as Spikey-the-rescue-the-damsel-in-distress-fail slowly slides off of her face. He plops into the soup.

A door slams open off to the right of the whole scene.

“What is going on? Why do you stew? What is with the pony hanging over that brew. How many times have I spoke. That is not for food. What is this cruel joke? Now get on with you, unless you don’t care. Get out of here now, before I take all your hair!” The mighty Zebra had spoken.

HuBBA Pinka sighed. “Let’s go everypony. Looks like our fun is done. OOOH I know. Lets go and pretend were the royal guards and make Twilight let Spike-the-soup-swimming-fish back into the library to take a bath!”

Spike-the-soup-swimming-fish’s head pops out of the soup. “Oh, I almost had her this time!” He said as he and everypony else walked back to Ponyville.

Rarity: Would somepony be kind enough as to CUT ME the hay DOWN!
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SiansaarProfessional Digital Artist
hahaha :D
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I'm sorry. I probably blasted your incoming comments with my Wall-O-Text, but sometimes a pic like this just gives me these insta-spirations.

Leave it to Pinkie to put apples in a soup... probably delicious though LOL
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Who wouldn't want to eat Rarity?
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SiansaarProfessional Digital Artist
naughty ;P
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I'll have my pony cooked rare please.
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Tigeress915Hobbyist Digital Artist
rarity is yummy :ppp loool
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AnneHairballStudent General Artist
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Seems Rainbow Dash is second course.
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