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after gala 2



oh god...what have i done ;-;

i didn't actually want to expand on the previous comic [link] , but this bit came up in a conversation yesterday and i felt i needed to draw it because it's so emotional.
the worst part is that when i drew that panel with sweetie belle, "roads" by portishead came on. i had to take a break because it was too much.
need cute and fluffy now T^T

i'll leave it to others to come up with blueblood's punishment.

edit: to clarify, i don't want to draw any more pages after this. even if i did, i wouldn't want to show blueblood's punishment, but how rarity and the others deal with this emotionally, and that's just too much sad for me. also, there could never be a proper ending. shit like this never ends. it sticks with you forever.

edit2: there's one more image to this that marks the open ending: [link]
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Spike hears about it, slips away at night turning into a beast, kinda like how he did in "Secret to My Excess", except he's a LOT smaller and more intelligent. So, he goes and hires two thugs and they sneak into Canterlot, entering Blueblood's chambers and grab him, beating him to a pulp as the two thugs hold him down and Spike violently castrates him. They leave, no one having seen them, in fact not even Blueblood because it was dark, Celestia finds him tied up hang in midair as she just passively comments, "You deserved more" before having him locked away in prison.

Later Spike enters Rarity's Hospital room, leaving the heart gem from "Secret to My Excess" without saying a word, leaving as Rarity glances at it, giving a weak smile

Hey if your gonna go dark, I will too, but I'll at least give a passive/positive ending