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Troll dad

By Siansaar
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An old sketch from 2014 that I felt like finishing up a bit more while I'm in a pony mood.
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Oh, wow, I'm glad you didn't give up on them. Loved your Sparity art, both safe and not safe for work, and works with Lavender are my favourite...

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Thanks! Yeah they'll always have a special place in my heart ^^

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Holy fuck that puffy-skrunchy face! AAAHHH MY HEART!

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Kinda reminds me when my family celebrated the birthday of my nephew many years back, he was 3 at the time (now a know-it-all jerk teen). I was in charge of buying the little cake candles, but out of bedevilment, bought the trick candles.

He's cake had the Disney Cars theme, with little cars from the movie like Lightning McQueen, Rusty, & some other from the movie. He was getting upset, hyperventilating trying to blow the candles out. He was looking at me with his little face all puffy mad because I was the one laughing the most (my sister was not happy I was tricking trolling her kid that way).

Than his little pudgy face gut serious, his gears in his mind were cranking. He got the little plastic car McQueen & place it on top of one candle & snuff it out. Than he got Rusty & did the same with the 2nd candle, & one more car to snuff out the 3rd. He raised his little arms in victory that he snuffed out the candles. "Yay!"

But than he grew up & became dumb.

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Awwww :love: her face is adorable

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Not cool, dad. ;P

lol, very nice!

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Somewhere, Princess Celestia receives two alight candle tops.

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Lol! I think he'd be able to control whether he wants send mode on or off though :D

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There's material for headcanon.

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oh my goodness that's so cute.

the adorable rage!

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So WONDERFUL to see a Lavender drawing again 😄! I just LOVE these characters you created. I also REALLY enjoyed the Fimfiction story, "As Sweet As Laevender," as well as your own side story, "Hiccups." Would REALLY LOVE to see "ASaL" continued, but unknown if I ever will (you may know since the author is using your art and characters.)

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I haven't heard anything from the author in years.

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That's a shame. A friend of mine said he'd met him at a convention and he said he was hoping to continue the story. So far, nothing.

Oh well. Maybe one day we'll wake up and see a new chapter. Here's to hoping. Meanwhile, it'd be great to see more pics like these. Really brings back memories of when I first read the fic.

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A practical dad joke!

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I can see Twilight struggling between wanting to scold Spike and wanting to snicker at Lavender's annoyance. :D

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More likely Rarity in this case, although I feel like they'd invite Twilight too, yes :D

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she'll do the latter now and the former later

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thats an OC, I haven’t used in a long time

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Cute and funny <3

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