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T: "How the heck am I supposed to calculate the lump sum for dragon assistants as opposed to regular ones?"
S: "Wait, does that mean you're supposed to pay me?"

Had to do my own taxes this month. That shit's complicated.
But now I can finally get back to regular work!
Only the month's almost over. Fuuuuu
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May I ask how long did you learn to draw? Your drawings look too beautiful and perfect. I hope you will continue to draw fan art. Personally, I've always wanted to learn how to draw, but unfortunately, apparently it's just not my thing. My drawings have always turned out to be ugly in their own way and just not very good. That's why I decided that I would rather become a programmer than an artist. At a minimum, a programmer does not need to draw and invent anything, you just write code, if it does not work, you check it and so on until you get a good application. By the way, before I found your wonderful fan art, I was generally looking for a convenient service for displaying income data for my program. Unfortunately all I could find were similar services , but I'm still glad that I could find you!

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How long?

It's an ongoing process :D

Not sure why you're linking that site though.

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I can relate. Book keeping and office work gives me stress too.

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Oh, guys, I also suffered enaugh with these taxes. I have only one question: why the school teaches us biology nad cosines but not this? When I moved out from my parents, I started renting an apartment, and a lot of problems with these taxes immediately strangled me. First when you stop being a dependent it strikes you that taxes don't do themselves. I strugled for months to get it all in order and every month I had to sort out everything from the beginning. And after months and 9 circles of hell I decided to use the service of specialists and once and for all deal with this hassle.

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Thanks for the tip.

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I think it does to everyone.

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It's good to hear that.

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Of boy, hang in. There you two.

....but Twilight loves doing taxwork...


I will prefer this blog because it has much more informative stuff.
Accountants in Toronto
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T: "I thought I was paying you! WHERE IS MY MONEY GOING!?"

S: "Well, there's a separate table for calculating unaccounted and lost expenditures...."
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She pays you in food.

Gems cost a lot, bro.
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I guess twilight learned that you should alwast keep receipts if you do your own taxes instead of paying a website to do it for you :|
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Next week;
"Spike On Strike"
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That should totally be an episode.
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I know a fanfic that had spike on strike
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Do you the name of the fanfic.
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Not exactaly probably could try a google search for it
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Ok, can you send me the link once you find it?
where is it?
check your horn...
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