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Siren Adagio

Mixed her storybook form with her spirit form. I'll be referring to this as her "true form" for me personally.

I'm in a bit of a tight spot where money is currently concerned. If you have any spare money to donate, it is highly appreciated!
Big thank you to everyone who's already donated! Every little bit helps!
If you feel like committing to more permanent support, I also have a Patreon.
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 may i turn this into a base i will  credit you
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Why are her eyes green instead of violet?
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I went with the depiction in their origin story:…
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Oh.  Okay, carry on.
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Can I please use this for a fanfic cover of mine? I promise to give you credit.
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Way better than those pics where they're shown as ponies
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ooh the Sirens! ^_^ Awesome! I've wanted to see more of the equine Sirens.
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The true face of a monster, in all sense of the word.
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Damn, and you considered Queen Chrysalis a true monster. What is it about Adagio that you consider to make her a bigger monster?
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Being sent to the human world and turned into powerless humans for thousands of years seem like a punishment, but they were practically given a chance to start over after their evil ways in the past.

And what did Adagio and the other Sirens do with the chance?

When their magic returns, they try to brainwash the school with their magical voices, turn the Human Mane Six against each other, tried to feed on the conflict that regain their true powers, and then take over the Human world, and probably Equestria too given the chance. Adagio in particular displays signs of a manipulative sociopath.

Additionally, she is far more dangerously genre savvy, intelligent, ruthless and cunning than nearly all other MLP villains combined so far. When you watch the film, you would notice how the Sirens were THIS close from winning? It took Sunset Shimmer unexpectedly joining the fray with the Rainbooms to turn the fight in their favor.

Had Adagio and the Sirens won and restore themselves to their true forms and power, the magnitude of damage they could do in both worlds would be unthinkable. Just in the Human world alone, there's more than enough conflicts for them to feed on; they could achieve apotheosis from their buffet for all we know. And the Humans have absolutely no defense whatsoever against the Siren's magic either. 

Adagio and the Sirens are far too dangerous to live. Had not for the Rainbooms successful in breaking Adagio and the Sirens' power forever, it would be far more cost-effective to drop Minuteman missiles on them. 
Hispanoamericano2000's avatar
Cause destruction in both world? LOL ... how do you think that would be remotely possible for the Sirens (which are only 3) against more than 8 billion people? We do not even need the famous nuclear warheads, all we need is to use the world's nuclear arsenal to shake each and every one of the world's volcanoes, including the supervolcanoes to drown both the Sirens and ourselves in an atrocious volcanic winter that they would not survive.
Nor can we forget the famous antimatter bomb and the option to use it against the Sirens.
In no way would these monsters take over this world, humanity would prefer to completely ruin / dismember the face of the Earth before leaving it to creatures like the Sirens.
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... Damn. From the way you've described them, the danger they pose and the consequences of their victory are far more terrifying than that of the changelings, and That's saying something.

Something tells me you must have seen Jerry Peet's video about best villains, because I think he mentioned some of the very good points you've brought up here.
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And given the nature of the multiverse, there's probably many alternate timelines where the Sirens won and the nightmare scenario I just described is already happening.

And once they learn how to access OTHER worlds of the multiverse... well, a LOT of worlds are going to get boned. 

As for Jerry Peet's video, a matter of fact, I did watch it. :iconsonicrocks57: recommended it to me (I think). 
MagicMan001's avatar

Speaking of multiverses, I guess that one I had about Shining in the 'Chrysalis won' scenario being one of them, eh? Which reminds me, I need to reply to you on that.

BrutalityInc's avatar
This is part of the reason why I have little reservations about characters who are willing to do absolutely anything necessary to defeat villains, like Judge Dredd; more often then not, the consequences of the evil villains they fight winning is simply too horrific to be allowed to happen, let alone imagine. This is especially important when there is simply no other options available, which happens in many of those cases.

If the Sirens have won, and it would take wiping out the entirety of Canterlot High and its surrounding area from the face of the Earth to have any hopes of stopping them, then it has to be done. If the only way left to defeat the Pony POV Series Discord requires summoning a sufficiently powerful avatar of his Draconequu Overgod father Havoc, an act which alone could devastate half of Equestria by itself, Then It Has To Be Done. If the only way to stop complete monsters, who have the means and even twisted eagerness to destroy everything and subject all living things to genocide or fates worse than death, requires destroying the world they're on, if not the universe they're in, THEN IT HAS TO BE DONE. 
alexwarlorn's avatar
And I agree they're a plague. Remember my own adaption of them? 
BrutalityInc's avatar
I remember. All the more reasons to annihilate them and erase their wretched existences. 
alexwarlorn's avatar
We didn't think it was possible for DISCORD to be redeemed (I meant after Tirek when Discord finally got what a REAL friend was). If he can be redeemed, there's no excuse for anyone to be written as 'impossible' to redeem. 
BrutalityInc's avatar
How would you pull off their redemption? We're talking about creatures who are willing to reduce whole lands, worlds, to bloody battlefields and war-torn ruins, just so they could feed to gain power and rule over a realm of ashes and corpses.

And if they figure out how to cross back to Equestria, and even jump to other worlds...

If you think they can be redeemed, give it a go. Until it's canon, however, my stance remains: Terminate with extreme prejudice.
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Yeah, I mean, with the changelings, there is At Least a sense of moral ambiguity that can be worked with, and peace, in theory, could be worked out, though it would likely mean Chrysalis would be deposed.

With the Sirens... I just struggle to see it, though it may in part be my own bias.
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