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This is for fellow Sparity artist extraordinaire :iconpia-sama:, who asked me how I would draw a kiss (and who I've wanted to draw a picture for anyway cause she makes such sweet pics). I got a little carried away.
Also I was listening to Jamie Cullum while colouring, and when this song came up I suddenly had a rather hard time continuing on account of misty eyes and a lump in my throat. I shall declare it my personal Sparity song.
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Spike's always loved Rarity from the very start

But, I've also been seeing the two of them with different shipings 
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This moment was unavoidable. Heart - Free  That come the baby!  :w00t:
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I was passing through your gallery pictures today. And a couple of my friends were chatting next to me and happened to glance over my shoulder while I passed it. The one who was talking stopped mid-sentence, and both of them were quiet. I just sat there, chuckling, as I returned to this picture to see their expressions. Oh, it was priceless!
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Hehe, in a good way I hope ;)
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Aw!!! How cute!!! :aww: :aww: :aww:
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What is spike sitting on? XD
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some ledge or chair i didn't want to draw :D
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spike and rarity were made for each other <3 no doubt about it
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this is my dreame spike that i can kiss (sigh) shayla  falls over
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:,} Your Sparity pictures are sooo cute!
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Oh my god, Jamie Cullum! I've never met another person in the fandom who has heard of him. But for now is a great song :DDD
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I freaking died of cute over here. 
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keep the fire going!
siansaar you are one of the best Sparity artists on this site
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Just so the top comment isn't an antishipper (cuz… bitch) Here it goes *cough*
This is frickin aweso-dorable
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:icondarthvaderplz: the anger is strong with this ship

but I still love your art style and :iconpia-sama:'s so ya I'm conflicted on how I feel about your work =( 

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can't help you there...i guess you could focus on the non-sparity pics?
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