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In my headcanon, Pinkie's pretty much omnisexual (that is, she cares about personality over gender, species and looks), but this picture is for the Lavenderverse (if you want to call it that) in particular. It's not completely set in stone (might change my mind about the exact partners yet), but what is certain is that Pinkie has two partners at once. Likewise she's decided not to conceive children, but to adopt instead, because she feels she wants to make some already existing ponies' lives happier. And while she may not be the most responsible mom ever, she certainly manages to brighten up a few childhoods. (I'm thinking 5 or 6 actually)
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I believe pan- and omnisexual are usually used interchangeably, but in this case I chose omnisexual specifically cause I think it covers for non-human species as well, whereas pansexual does not (to my knowledge).
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I love accidentally finding adorable art arbitrarily through inaccurate google image results.
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I take it she got her tubes tied, since she's set on adoption rather than conception.  Other than that, it reall does sound like Pinkie as to being very open relationship wise..
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I like to think she's just too impatient for pregnancy - she wants her kids now. (Just goes to show that she's a bit oblivious as to the true responsibility that kids bring with them)
How would Pinkie be able to afford raising that many ponies?
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Through the magic of "just because" ;)
No seriously, I don't know (yet). I suppose she'll arrange herself somehow. I suspect she'd rather let her husbands work.
"omnisexual (that is, she cares about personality over gender, species and looks)"

Don't spend to much time on Tumblr now.
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Lol. Much as I hate to bring up sexuality at all, it's how I see Pinkie. And it's certainly easier to just say "omnisexual" than repeating the definition every time. The only other way I could think to put it is "all-inclusive", but that sounds a bit silly ;)
It's just that saying "she cares about personality over [...]  looks" implies that other people only care about looks over personality. A healthy relationship is NEVER about looks > personality and has little to do with the term omnisexuality I think.

Might just be me.
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Ah, right, gotcha. I meant more like, even if you're a dungeon troll with the hygiene of...well, dunno, something really dirty, she will love you for who you are instead of caring too much about appearances.
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ares about personality over gender, species and looks"
[shakes angrily]
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This actually runs pretty close to my own headcanon about Pinkie. While not necessarily being in a multiple relationship constantly, she's very open minded and very communicative when it comes to her partners and how many she has at any one time. Difference is that she would've done this a lot when she first came to Ponyville, and has slowed down since then, with only a few escapades here and there. This is mostly because I want her to end up with Pokey Pierce (and I'm so happy you didn't forget him, btw) for my own NextGen verse.

...fuck me, I really need to write those stories.
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Aye, I can see that. Good luck with the writing! :D
(I know that feel)
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That makes a lot of sense. :D
I accept this headcanon! I am a dummy! 
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I...... Could actually be totally down with that. Seriously.
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Haha, this is actually really cute.
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it seems theres just too much pinkie love for just one pon :icondragonshy1: 
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Thaaaat's...not how it works, really

Going "pinkie is omnisexual toot toot" kinda rubs me the wrong way in a technical sense.

What you seem to be going for sounds like her being pansexual (love whoever the hell they want to, regardless of gender/sex/whatever) and polyamorous (handling multiple lovers at one time)

So this "omnisexual" gig sounds pretty...made up.
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Well, there's arguments about the definitions, but I see it like this:
A pansexual doesn't care what another person's gender is, but they still care that it's a human person. An omnisexual wouldn't care if it's an extraterrestrial either.
In this case I specifically mean to say that Pinkie would also date a griffon, or a dragon, or whatever.
Polyamorous definitely is the case. I just didn't think to specify it.
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