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EqG Fluffle Puff

Rebel without a cause fashion sense.
Just noticed I hadn't uploaded this one here yet.
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She's so adorable and beautiful. ❤️Siansaar, well done 👍👍👍

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whoa——it's soooooooo cute!
May I use it for cosplay?(*๓´╰╯`๓)♡
【I hope there's no grammar mistake……
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Yes ^^ Send pictures when you do, I'd love to see it!
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I love her pink fluffy coat.
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I've always imagine her human form to have an extraordinary case of congenital hypertrichosis lanuginosa (werewolf syndrome) that is so complete that her scalp hair cannot be told from the rest of her hair, yet still having an energetic, adorable nature about her (without reminding everyone of Wookies). I suppose that pulling that off visually is extremely difficult, if not downright impossible.
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Is she Scottish?
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it got me cuz it look like she is wearing a kilt
I'm very sorry, but who is she? I know the pony she's based on, but I don't know where she comes from.
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I'm not sure I understand what you're asking...I mean if you know the pony she's based on, you know who she is?
I couldn't figure out where the original came from, but I figured it out on my own, thank you for replying so promptly.
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is so cute and adorable Love 
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those fluffy boots are giving my flashbacks to the 90s *shudders*
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Fashion sense is for followers, not for trendsetters. 8-)
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Aww! So cute! I love it!
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Screw fashion! wear pink fluffy every day of the year :iconrarityscareplz:
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Fluffy boots... nice
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Doesn't matter. She'll never be cold!
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+1 for the Chryssy skirt, shirt and pin! A very good detail!
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