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Commission: The lost son returneth

A birthday present from :iconspyling: to :iconsrmario:
Happy birthday!
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(Sniff). I knew a changeling could love. I just didn't think about family love.
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Re-checking your work to see more great art! Yet seeing this make want to ask this: I know in your version of changeling there's only the Queen and the drones, as a Queen lay eggs on a time of nesting! Yet does she not give birth to foal by matting as well? Seeing there's a male high class changeling like a prince maybe there are male changeling of high class close to the Queen that she mate with to expand the hive!

I know you wrote that changelings are very territorial of their hive and it's location! But what if a hive type, as I see now so many types of changelings and the types of insect they are, want to expand territorial control over the area to secure more control over their territory or to control other hive near theirs!

In my believe the changeling are divided by four level of class in a hive:

Drones or soldiers which the Queen lay eggs to serve the hive!

Mid-class which are divided by three types of changelings: Juggernaut which are like Earth Pony/ swifter which are like Pegasus/ And Parasific which are like Unicorn.   These three type came from ponies that were turn to changeling in eras before a spell was created to undo and prevent the changeling transformation! So these are descendant of lech capture ponies!

High Class: Changeling born normally from the Queen by matting! So there are the Prince and/or Princesses of the hive! Most time males are the one born!

Queen: The ruler of the hive and the one that can only created as she lay be army to serve her! Also the Queen egg, the next generation of the hive if the Queen allow it, if not let her be on her own only accompany by two or three female drones changeling to care until possible!
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Not in my headcanon.
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It makes me wonder. We know Changeling queens try go get rid of the egg containing the "princess" of the hive. There must've been a mutation in the egg that hatched this little "prince". Because of him being male, he probably wouldn't have the risk of being killed by the current queen, allowing him to live safely in the hive.
Also, it appears Calliphora is the most caring and loving of the Changeling queens. Guess Changelings have a sense of love themselves, but just aren't able to feed off of it. That, or only the queens and soon-to-be-queens can feel love, as they do what is best for their hives, like a mother doing what's best for her children.
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they all care for their children, but show it in different ways. and yeah, it's a different kind of love. i keep thinking it's like...dunno, dogs vs men. dogs feel love towards one another, but it's probably different from the love they feel towards men in that they express and read it differently. like, a dog may read way more into another dog wagging his tail than a human does. in the same way, changelings read other changelings differently than ponies.
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judging from this, changelings are just as caring as ponies
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maybe they are the new elements of harmony
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Heart.... Melting.... D'aaaaaaaaw.
Calliphora is best Queen.
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i love them all =p
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calliphora has a son... well this very cute non the less.
technically, all of her hive are her kids.
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Yeah your right on that.
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thx so much again carnis >w<!!!!!! (and Spyling too x3), i liked it alot this drawing :iconbigheartplz::iconbigheartplz::iconbigheartplz::iconbigheartplz:

my heart will explode for many changeling love TwT......... i.......... i'm so happy now, so happy
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this will always be official now eh =p
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glad to hear it, seems reinflak will be full up for months :D
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yea xDDDD, him will need make dieting after this xP
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Hehe... my Brother getting fat XDDD As long as you dont need to wash yourself with a rag on a stick XDD
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*poke* you fat too
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No im not fat, im big boned XD
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