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Commission: Siren Song

Commission for :iconthejboy88:
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Siren song is best song.
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Perfect. If I was forced to choose one weakness that I would have to live with for the rest of my life, it would be an inability to resist a siren's singing. 
Sonata Dusk (giggling) You I want to give a hug
Aria Blaze annoyed argue I'm pretty sure you'd kick me if I so much as glance at you
Adagio unamused And you............THERE IS NO WATER HOT ENOUGH
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*turns around and rows away as fast as I can*
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Toga! Toga! Toga! LOL
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You guys look pretty, but no thank you. 
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They are, of course, gorgeous!
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Cheet0 Puff siren is best siren
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Ooh. Wouldn't mind being enchanted by them.
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Why don't The Dazzlings have any adaptations for the water as sirens?  Granted they probably need their legs to be able to part so as not to break the illusion, but shouldn't they have webbed hands and feet, or fins on their arms, legs, or ears?  Do they even have gills?
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Classic mythology sirens. Just pretty ladies on rocks that lead sailors to their doom. If anything I figure they'd transform into their seahorse form for swimming. In short, it's magic.
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Amazing! This looks so creepy :D
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Sweet! straight out of mythology :)
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They look amazing!!! Very much like the mythical Sirens!
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10/10 classic
Most captivating siren image I've seen.
The under-emphasized background really draws the eye to the sirens. I'm sure this was intended, but, it's almost as if you're hypnotized and everything but the sirens seems out of focus.
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deffo the best siren pic I've come across so far!
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wow, that looks amazing
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"There's only three of you? Well then, I guess this will do for a...decent warm-up." *cracks knuckles*
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Liiike... : O

Dark, spooky and alluring - really nicely done :)
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Do not fall under their spell!
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