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Commission: No-goodniks

Spike and Rarity dressed up for Nightmare Night as Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale from The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.

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......... honestly? That look like actual noir characters.
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Spike looks adorable!! And Rarity almost looks like somepony else with that mane!! Great job!! :D
Great pic,now I've got the fanfare from that show stuck in my head
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I should give it a watch myself sometime, I've heard it's pretty good.
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...I can totally see that.
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Great pic well done:hug:
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Who should be Fearless Leader then?
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looks like spike finally got the mustache he's always wanted EG Spike (Love) Plz 
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This is really friggin' cute, for some reason; I like it!
WidowPeak's avatar not know any of the characters XD
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wow pretty =)=) 
Image references The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. Title references Sonic the Hedgehog (robotnik('s robots) is (are) sometimes called no-goodniks in some versions of the earlier Sonic cartoons).

Also, Google says nogoodnik is a word when you look it up, but not when you use spellcheck...
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"Keel Dash and Pink!"
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A lot of Bronies think that Octavia would be the best as a Russian Spy, but I think Rarity would milk the HECK out of that role.  "Lady Natasha" seems to fit for some reason.  And Spike, he's rocking that mustache.
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Hahaha, I remember those two. I honestly think that vintage cartoons should see more light these days.
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The really scary part is just how well this look works for them. :rofl:
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