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Commission: My little Oni

"When visitors arrive from Ponibiki with a highly-charged friendship problem, Twilight quickly finds out that things get too close for comfort! Sparks fly! Friendship is weird!"

Commission for Emperorkalan

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Ataru lacks a horn, but that doesn't' stop him from being too horny. Twilight wing tip is covering Ataur's cutie mark, conveniently place censoring. 'wonder what it is...
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nico nico niiiii!
bico-kun's avatar
Holy guacamole, what a crossover.
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I need to watch this anime.  I've heard of it, but I haven't seen it. :P
Emperorkalan's avatar
Definitely do, but don't binge-watch. With about 200 episodes, 6 movies and 12 OVAs, anything would burn you out, but UY is loopy enough that it's better in smaller doses. Slapstick comedy, romance, action, mythology, weird-you-out philosophy, you never know what might pop up.

And since some of the early episodes were a bit crude, sometimes it can help to just jump in somewhere in the middle and just deal with not initially knowing who some of the characters are.

Some decent advice at:…
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I've seen pictures of the girl I think, but that's about it :D
Emperorkalan's avatar
Hmmm. Next time I put aside enough cash for a commission, I may have to have her space-biker-chick pal race RD, just to give you more exposure. :D
Helsaabi's avatar
XD haha it's my favorite Rumiko's manga like Ranma 1/2 and other.
aqdrobert's avatar
Found you on EQD! Now Watching... ;)
Fly-by-Night-Lyds's avatar
Oh sweet baby Celestia, my favourite modern show and my favourite classic anime! I ... I'm so happy right now ...  Darling no BAKA!!!! 
templar127's avatar
I don't watch this, but its cute!!!
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NEVER though I'd see a crossover of MLP and Uretsai Yatsura!!!  (One of my fav anime)

And Ataru is acting stupid and horny as usual!
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Hehehe, electric Oni pones.

That'd be a neat one.
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Dahling!! ZAPP!!!!! _uresei yatsura_
Mendo waving his sword (cough) [I still think he is related to Kuno Tatewaki]
Ataru the lech [If it wears a skirt he will chase it.]
and Lum-chan [flying tiger bikini wearing horned alien {not a demon}, with a penchant for electro shock therapy]
gack, just imagined the rest of the cast as ponies. and threw up when imagined Cherry the old monk as donkey jerkey....
Emperorkalan's avatar
Meh, if they're related, Kuno has always been the poor relation. Doesn't have his own armored division, doesn't have an estate the size of a small country, doesn't have an inventory of historical planes and tanks, heck, doesn't even have a real sword.

Kuno's also too arrogant to take the ladies' opinion into account, whereas Mendo always made sure he was projecting a proper image.

What they mostly have in common are sisters that are more dangerous they they are. Way, way, more. :)
WidowPeak's avatar
What is even going on here o.O
gutgutgut's avatar
This is brilliant: Urusei Yatsura MLP version!

I antecipate a loud "DARLIIIIING!" yell and then a electric zap to the MLP Ataru Moroboshi. :D
goldfencer422's avatar
The white unicorn's expression is making me giggle like a lunatic. I also have to wonder why he's striking that pose if he's controlling the katana with telekinesis.
Emperorkalan's avatar
In effective swordplay, the form counts, even if it doesn't _seem_ necessary. ^_^
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