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Comfort food

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Rarity is having a minor crisis after some pony said to her that she can't be a fashion icon now that she's married and has a kid. She's like, too old.
Lavender wants to know why mommy gets to hog all the ice cream.

Incidentally, this was my reaction upon finding out we're getting a hiatus just before the first Rarity episode of the season.

Edit: Augh, figures I'd forget the most obvious thing. Added the horn glow.
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I don’t know.Rarity doesn’t look 1 day older than when she first met Spike.

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Her actual age/appearance isn't relevant to the comment she got :D

Bitches will find a way to be bitchy towards you regardless of facts.

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Poor Rarity... But: She and Spike found to each other here, so it's still not that bad :D

I'm sure he will comfort her.

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I hate spike gayer
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Aww, poor Rarity. I think she needs some love. Lavender, go cheer up your mom.
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What?! She can still be who she always has been, it just gonna be a little tougher now 'cause she's got a kid to look after. It's worth it, I'll tell you that.
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Lavender: why does mommy get all the ice cream daddy
spike: because it's the only thing stopping mommy from killing herself sweety
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Oof that’s dark. 
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and strangely accurate

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Spike is probably trying to figure out how to explain this to Lavender.
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If Spike marries Rarity I hope he won't mind her mental breakdowns
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Haha! Poor Rarity... her daughter looks confused, though :XD: :XD: :XD:
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Her daughter is a mix dog and her 🧬🩸🧬 call her. Dragon Horse.

Our universe hey spell dog 👩🐶
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Aww! Poor rarity! Spike! Go kill the pony who told that to your beloved wife! And don't worry lavender. We will go get more ice cream.
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no he should go spike zila on that pony 
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april was right, we need a sequel of this!excited engineer 
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I second this! And third it, as well!
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This is seriously both cute and sad at the same time.
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Whoever said that to her is a total cunt. Sorry.
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Man, she always hogs all the vanilla oat swirl.... Flea Tears I want some too....
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Whoa, that pony was very insensitive.
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