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Changeling concept: The Chrysalis Hive

By Siansaar
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I've been asked by a few people about my personal headcanon for Queen Chrysalis and her changelings, so here goes:

Of all the known hives, the Chrysalis Hive is the most actively aggressive. Instead of slowly draining singular ponies of their love by infiltration, this hive will actively overtake whole towns. Scouts are sent out to infiltrate military and governing positions and sabotage them. After that, a full scale attack is launched on the city, until every last citizen is captured. Victims get placed in cocoons and are only released for being fed on. Usually changelings of this hive won't bother with transformations, but instead aggressively hypnotize them. After the feast, victims are sealed up again. Being trapped in the cocoon weakens them and makes them only more susceptible to hypnosis. This hive seldomly uses husks, but usually kills and disposes of ponies who have been drained of their love.
After a city is successfully overtaken, the changelings will start occupying various cellars and other underground structures, because they prefer to live in the dark, and will start connecting them, building strange architecture, brood-chambers and decorations inside, correcting errors in the structure and improving stability. After a town is completely drained, the hive moves on to the next location. Sometimes they occupy nearby ruins and/or caves before launching an attack.
Even though they are aggressive, no-one knows why they actually tried to overtake Canterlot; one can only speculate that they got greedy. Ghost towns marked their way to the capital city, alerting the royal guard and Celestia to a possible threat.
The hive in general is pretty military and has a higher percentage of changeling commanders than any other hive. No-one knows what they eat to produce their building materials, but we can wager it is something icky. Their military nature is reflected in the way they shape their cocoons and other structures.
Through this military strength and aggressiveness, Queen Chrysalis has established herself as Queen Of All Queens, and the hive is the largest of all known hives. Their current whereabouts are unknown.

I won't be drawing this hive too often cause we've already seen the basic gist of Queen Chrysalis on the show, and she is currently being explored in the official Mlp comic book. Based on what I've seen so far, I made this interpretation. We'll see how badly it contradicts canon once more issues come out.
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"The true changelings."
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Spitfire740Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice Concept.

The main reason I think Chrysalis and her hive attacked Canterlot was that they were after the princesses all along. After taking them out of the main picture, Chrysalis could have ruled over equestria as a tyrant, getting all the love that her hive could ever need - Or perhaps take the form of Celestia, create the illusion that nothing ever happened, and guarantee a lifetime supply of love for herself and her Hive.

Also - She kidnapped and took the form of Cadence because:
A - She was an alicorn who had close ties to Celestia and Luna, and therefore would be able to get close to the princesses Easily
B - Cadence was due to wed Shining Armour, the brother of Twilight sparkle - AKA one of the elements of harmony. With the elements of harmony at the wedding, she would be able to eliminate every major threat in a single blow, and in the episode, she very nearly succeeded.

Unfortunately her changeling guards are kind of crappy, and let Cadence and Shining get together, which caused a Love-splosion that kicked every changeling out of canterlot, and ruined her entire scheme. Additionally, failing the attack caused everyone to learn about changelings, and now the chance to do something like that will never come again. (At least not for a while)

So yeah, they got greedy, their attack on Canterlot failed because some of her changelings aren't that smart, and she made life for changelings (And other Hives) Harder since everyone knows about changelings now.
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SiansaarProfessional Digital Artist
Yep ^^
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I am a changeling.
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Fireshot-DashHobbyist Artist
meh,your interpretation and mine-two totally different visions-but,its a opinion,thats all
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Queen Chrysalis is the scariest villainess I know two far.
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>>>Ghost towns marked their way to the capital city, alerting the royal guard and Celestia to a possible threat.>>>

Helix Splice, somewhat of a mad scientist before the attacks, was driven insane with rage after barely escaping his doomed town, having happened to trot up from his secretive basement lab just as his wife was killed after her love was drained.

His sole purpose left in life, driven by an ever-mounting hatred, is to exterminate every last changeling.

(Revenge themes are awesome!)  ;D
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Trot, perhaps?
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*goes to u and captures u in the Shadow Hive*
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So they're probably more power-hungry than the other hives.
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Considering that the entire civilization of the kitten-bunnies now looks like bombed out ruins covered in green jizz,  and how little thought Chrysalis gave before wasting one of them, your description of them being the most "trigger-happy" stands up very well.  Things really went your way! 
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personally i have thought of chrysalis and her swarm as an anamoly of changeling behavior. probably largely of my own head canon, it seems changelings have more advantages acting as 'vampires' and hiding amognst ponies than gathering and pillaging in large groups. hell from what i am creating as a fanfic i ahve it that a majority of the changeling population utterly despises chrysalis because her actions reminded the races of the world of their existence. her actions also lead to the deaths of over a hundred changelings living relatively normal lives and were accidentally discovered...... yeah she is not popular in the slightest outside her own swarm. in fact in my story the general malice towards her has begun to grow, and she has been discovering several of her drones mauled to death, apparrently by fellow changelings. however as achangeling queen she is more powerful than most changelings evne on her worse days, and thusf ew chagnelings have the power to directly kill her, and apparrently she is the only changeling queen in existence currently...... apparrently is more accurrate......... let us just say i am planning part of the story to have a certain creature singing a mocking rendition of this day aria in a threatening way to chrysalis.
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SiansaarProfessional Digital Artist
ohh that last bit sounds deliciously evil :D
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technically evil, but of a different breed. the song is born of puer spite and malice towards chrysalis, yet in a sense despite its intentions of this creature are of a compaeratively lesser evil, yet a far greater threat...... it is god damn complicated to explain.
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Overall, I love your Changeling concepts! Your variations and different hives are fantastic head-canon and makes the Equestria world much more diverse!
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That changeling is so cute ! Heart... things. 
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I like the way you discribed this.
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im glad they kill ponies, thats what they get for being selfish and not giving love when we first met them
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BreezeFoxStudent General Artist
were did u get this info???!!!
my pal tells me about changelings, but never this!
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cellyangiechowskiStudent General Artist
My only question is, why are her changelings a different color than her?
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axelfirekirbyHobbyist General Artist
i theroize that they came from the east to attake canterlot
if my memory of equestiran geograpgy proves me right
to the north of canterlot is a barren wasteland of ice (well before season 3)
and to the south and west of canterlot is ponyvill or mostly wooded and aboundend areas

anyways these guys are hard to beat because of how strong they are
i asume they whould also prey on foolsish theifs who stop by "abandend" towns to make a quick bit
of corse there captured (hows that for karma?)

also i therize that the diamond dogs whould also be a rival to there underground hives making areas like ponyvill hard to settle (that and i have a hive of my own placed there)
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*Charles' pupils shrink to furious little pinpricks* They have killed entire CITIES of ponies?!

*rage erupts, the earth rends apart beneath him and fissures deep into the mantle, releasing great gouts of liquid-hot magma* I'LL ERADICATE THEIR ENTIRE SPECIES!!!
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into. the. mantle? what? i hope we're at the great rift valley and you had one heck of a nuke
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chrysalis hive is my least fav. (due to many kills) but i still be loyal to the darkness (villains) of all worlds......
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