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Lavender gets to babysit Rainbow Dash and Soarin's children because she's the eldest of the main 6's kids and her mom thinks she could do with learning some responsibility. Of course Lavender is less than thrilled because grumpy teenage phase and because she knows the Soarindash kids are quite the rascals.
The kids themselves meanwhile are less than thrilled because they hardly ever listen to anyone and they don't need any dumb old babysitter.
So after some back and forth between the two parties, the kids decide to pull a Calvin and Hobbes on Lavender and lock her in a closet so they can do whatever they want.
All is going well...until baby Snowburst begins to cry. Since his two elder siblings have no idea what to do, they start to panic and eventually let Lavender out of the closet again. Lavender is ready to scold them, but when she sees their genuine upset, she softens up and makes a bottle of milk for the baby instead.
Both parties agree to a "I won't tell if you won't" deal and the babysitting goes much better after that. Quite often, in fact.

Related headcanon: Pegasi families with newborns tend to put their houses on the ground until the baby has grown up enough to learn to fly.
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Unofficial, bilateral don't-snitch agreements - diplomacy for the young! (seriously, I was on both sides of these so often. Its amazing how kids can work things out on their own)
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Haha, yes :D
Always good to see I managed to capture some of that real-life spirit ^^
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Aw yeah, that's a headcannon I can live with. :)
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Smart headcanon. It'd be really unfortunate to just have kids falling off the sky city! if you put a cloud house on the ground. Does it become a fog house?
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Lavender can be:
1- Enraged in an unstoppable wrath.
2- Drowned in an hysterical mood without being able to do or control the situation. 
3- Calm and cool yet angry in the inside be responsible.
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Interesting plot, I like it. ^^
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Lavender: "alright kiddos. Time for bed."

SoarinDash kids: "AWWWWW!!!"

Lavender: "I SAID BED!"

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"Lavender out of the closet"

Lavender confirmed for lesbian or bisexual.

Jokes aside, I do believe this is the first time you've drawn these two foals, right?
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Second time. The link in the description should lead you right to the first time ;)
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Bloody hell, I didn't see the link D:
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This is so perfect :heart:
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Thanks! ^^ I actually took some inspiration from your pictures as far as composition and lineart is concerned :)
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Offspring by Siansaar  
Lavender had a better time with her baby sitter.
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Not that the picture you linked to is really an example of that...but yeah, she most often had Sweetie Belle over ;)
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Adorable!~ I always love your work! :3
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That is so cute!
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