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Eden Archives #1

By Siamon89
Long time no see right.. :\

This is from one of my new series, The Eden Archives. Eden Archives is the place where all the history of this planet is stored and archived in high-tech devices. Some ancient artifacts is also stored here, which is the other part of the compound.

--- DD - Another Daily Deviation.. Well I didn't see that coming after such a long break. Thanks very much indeed to Deadly-Tea-Party for suggesting and ^Cymae for featuring!!! ---
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I can't say much just that like much of your work it is refreshing to have a truly modern almost trans L.E.D. type pf interface to the whole scene. You know how to make is truly high tech and plausible and not the typical old fationed Sci-Fi style that often persists even today. This is soemthing that is actually conceiveable in todays world and something worth of seriously scientific consideration. My only fear is there is a slight retro hyper coloring that may become altra evidence in a few decades with this peice. The light futuristic type outlines seem slightly forced but them again it could just be an alternate timeline for the future. Overall I would expand the color scenes and make the outlines more suttle but it seems almost like you could walk into the picture.
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I can't even get past the first few sentences without cringing. :puke: If you are going to take the time to give a "critique", you could, AT LEAST, proofread what you wrote. If English is not your first language, I apologize. But if it is, you should probably... get some help.
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Actually this was my very first critique so I was typing this as fast as I could while still making it have the same descriptive power of a Sci-fFi. It doesn't all come out evenly, sorry I didn't even really try as I just had to get it there. I realized the opportunity and wasn't even sure wether to do it so it was rushed to get there first, when I am doing something like this no language is my first language as I didn't have time for it.
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Sorry, I am just saying, I was appaled at it too but it was accepted and most thought it was fair but that was unacceptable and will try and do much better in from then.
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Ok, I've seen the pic now I want the game.
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Just beautiful !
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Seriously - that LED edge effect is super cool!  And the glossy surfaces add to the narrative you've described (which is also very cool)!
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Stunning work!
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super image, great work:) (Smile)
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wouch! Cool interior. It's so glamorous but futuristic! Amazing work
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Love this! I want to work there :D
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Love your sci-fi style, very slick. That's what we personally call Ultra-Sci-fi. Kind of New Age meets very advanced sci-fi.
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I want a house like this, amazing, i love the lights and white gloss. It's so clean.
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Amazing masterpiece!
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can you give me a download link please? [link]
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What renderer did you use?
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Thank you [I've always been using Indigo :noes:]
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