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This is amazing.
I will rip you to shreds!
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can I use your picture for a thumbnail
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Isn't that Darius Crowley?
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This is just amazing. I love the blue lights on the blades. The whole pic is fantastic.
AWESOME!!! Lucian and william from underworld got nothing on this guy
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the word epic can't be used with this, this is "LEGEN---- DARY" 

I'm still dreaming for make my Worgen like this one in game (still no eyepatch for Plate users...)
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I'm pretty sure blizzard made this. I found it in one of their books.
Zombie-Oni's avatar that you??? D:
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Am I the only person who wants to hug it? :3
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Beautifully detailed
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Not sur how many noticed. But I just love the small detail on that Eyepatch, The Original Gilnean Logo, before it was changed to the one it is Ingame :P Looks hella amazing, love this picture! :D <3 Ferocious and yet controled. Beastly, yet noble :3
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Favorited and I think I may use it as a background if that's ok. This is just badass
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Damn...remember when my guidlie drew this back during BC, hell of a nice job, man
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