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Tyrande and Malfurion

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Very cool picture, well done :) But why does he have amber eyes? 
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The only couple in ANY fiction I love, that I call OTP.
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I remember seeing this years ago.. Still holds up as an incredible piece.
wrg, no such thing as bix/smx, bix s inferiorx
RhianHowe's avatar
I love this!! Awesome work <3 
Malfurion almost looks like spawn for some reason
bastler's avatar
Please make one of young Tyrande and Illidan.
alithking's avatar
Amazing artwork, congratulations! Clap 
Ellithvia's avatar
"Tyrande i need help, i'm glow--"

"shhhh picture first hold still"

"why me"
Aeodin's avatar
I think Malfurion's fanny pack filled with seeds is probably the most badass part of him. It's a very hardcore fanny pack. 
for some reason Malfurion looks like Spawn in this pic
I would love to see their kids if their ever have any.
RulerofLegion's avatar
This looks awesome.
When I send this picture to Malfurion's brother Illidan, he's gonna be soooooooooo pissed.

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What an epic goth couple. How romantic. Great work.
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Tyranny looks absolutely stunning here.  Powerful, too.  I don't if it's just me, but her outfit here looks a bit more tame than her in-game one.

Malfurion is rather interesting for me.  Here, he looks really dark and I guess he looks terrifying, but I find him oddly calming despite it.  Lovely job!
celestial-ivy's avatar
the detail is amazing! i really love how you painted his tattoos, they make him look even more badassery than his in game model.
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As beautiful as this work is, I freakin' loathe Malfurion. Fuck off, Shando! Tyrande belongs to Illidan.
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