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Draenei paladin!!
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I really love about how male draenei depicted here
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The birth of the Retribution Paladin... oof!
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Simply beautiful! ^^
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12/10 best draenei art out there.
14/10 best paladin art also. 
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Oh my god this is amazing~!!
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I love draeneiHeart 
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I love this! So much feeling is shown, he will go to the end to protect his child! :heart:
I started my 3rd character as Draenei a few weeks ago. They are all so mysterious to me, that's why I'm searching art of them.
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You will not harm this child............
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That's one draenei I wouldn't want to mess with, especially when he's in protect mode.
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WOW XD Totally Badass !!!
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very paladin like i love this kind of artwork
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Love all the tendrils and hair, makes for some really interesting shapes.
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Holy shit, he seems capable to beat Illidan with one hand and Arthas with the other !! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
Fantastic and badass!!!!
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Look he is going to destroy big army 😎
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Good painting PBG Thumbs Up Icon 
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This is so awesome! 
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Incredibly awesome. Excellent work.
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