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Ooooooof courrrrseeeee de horn...hmmmmmmmm...gsus that got me...but dayum that's so well made! I love it! 
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Pffffff that got me. XD
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Check out my account!!!!!!

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how about you get some class.
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Please don't advertise...
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No advertising in the comments. 
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"sees gif" wait what 0-0 damint you scare me I thought it was going to go some where else XD
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do you have an apng version of this without all the gif compression? :D
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says it's deleted?
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Oh,It's only 7 days... I uploaded again.
Please DL it :)…
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My bad, I don't check dA very often. thanks.
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Twi had a little too much whiskey that day
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"if you rub a unicorn's horn long enough. it will give you magical unicorn mayonnaise" - Robot Chicken XD 
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How does it even wiggle?.......
you know what, FUCK logic!!! We have ponies!!! Deal With it 
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