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The intro and ending credits for the new chapter in Vayamon: Vayamon 3- The Gaia Orb!

The Gaia Orb is the beating heart of planet Vayroia, the world where the Vayamons live.

It is responsible for Vayamon evolution and elemental powers. The Gaia Orb also keeps the planet in balance.

One day, the Gaia Orb is destroyed by the notorious villains Lord Gruntbottom, Fthem and their lackeys.

The precious Gaia Orb shatters into many fragments that scatter throughout Vayroia.

It is up to Earth, Luna, Dorsaigai, Neptune and all of their friends to find the fragments and restore the Gaia Orb to its former glory before it is too late.

Song used:

Intro: Grateful by Neffex

Ending: With You by Neffex 

My take on the 'Floppy ears' animation meme.

Introducing some characters for my upcoming 'Vayamon 3!'

Black dog:  Daxadorr. 
Average Level.  Darkness Element.

White: Comiras.
Average Level. Light Element 

Orange cat with wings: Konkit. 
Average Level. Fire/ Air Element.
Today I visited a shop that sold Pokemon sweets and other Japanese products called 'Tofu Cute', a small but very intresting shop.. 

Karipori by Sia-the-Mawile

Pokemon Karipori, hard candy sticks that taste of soda and orange

Wafer by Sia-the-Mawile

Pokemon chocolate wafers with a sticker inside

(Top packet had a Primarina sticker and the bottom packet had Cosmog)

Taste evolving candy by Sia-the-Mawile

Pokemon 'taste evolving' candy. These start out as strawberry flavoured, then they change to melon or watermelon.

Charmander soda by Sia-the-Mawile
Charmader soda, orange flavoured.

Pokemon cupcakes by Sia-the-Mawile

I found these Pokemon cupcakes in Tesco!

Pocky by Sia-the-Mawile


Hello panda by Sia-the-Mawile

Amuse plushes by Sia-the-Mawile

I found these adorable plush chains in Tofu Cute. Made by Amuse plush.
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Pokemon animation. Furret is wierd. 
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Inferlia is a feirce reptllian! Made in Animation Desk +.

More on Inferlia:  Vayamon 2- Inferlia by Sia-the-Mawile

This AMV of Monsuno also happens to be my first AMV.
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Apparently this red sun is an aftermath of Hurricane Ophelia. 

Video by me.
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This is the biggest animation project I have ever done. I am a novice in animation,using an Ipad app called 'Animation desk plus.

I would love feedback on this piece. And Merry Christmas! 
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Bonfire Night ( Guy Fawkes night)  is a celebration that only takes place in the UK (Especially England, where I live) On the 5th of November . Bonfire Night is mostly celebrated with fireworks and sparklers. Basically a man called Guy Fawkes and his team  tried to blow up the parliament with gunpowder and we celebrate his failure.

A firework my family lit in the garden

Untitled by Sia-the-Mawile

I took the photo. I took others but this is the only decent one :XD: 
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You may have noticed that I have been making a series called Vayamon:…

I have thought up a plot for the series if it had an animated show, Vayamon Earth's Adventure.

Vayamon mainly takes place on the Vayamon's home plate, planet Vayroia.(VAY-ROE-EE-AH) 

Vayroia shares a solar system with another planet, Ilor. Ilor is where the main villians come from.

The protagonists Earth Earth and Luna Luna are sent to stop an invasion of aliens known as Ilorians.

The Ilorians are from the planet Ilor and they are led by the main villian,  Fthem is power hungry and he wants to become a dictator. He wants to colonize Vayroia after he was banished from his home planet (Ilor) for starting a civil war. Fthem wanted to rule Ilor for himself and he started a war with Ilor's leader, King Diron. Fthem and his henchmen were sent to a prison floating in outer space, but they broke out of the prison.

Fthem, and his girlfriend Nasta (who is skilled with magic) and their henchmen try to conquer Vayroia. They pollute Vayroia, destroy Vayamon habitats, kill huge numbers of Vayamon and they brainwash Vayamon to obey the Ilorians. Many of the Vayamon were killed by being turned to stone. these stones were used to create Ilorian buildings and statues. 

The destructive activities of the invasive Ilorians worries the spirit Gaia Being a spirit and having no body, Gaia has does not have enough power to stop the Ilorians.

So Gaia calls for help. She believes Earth can help stop the Ilorian invasion. 

This gives Earth more of a pourpose in life, as Earth feels useless because she was bullied a lot by other creatures because of her rare species, unusual interests and unusual phobias. 

But Earth and Luna do not (and can not) solve the Ilorian problem on their own. In the first episode, The Ilorians go on a rampage. They destroy a forest and kill many Vayamon. This left orphaned Vayamon. Earth adopts these young Vayamon as they may have died without thier parents, These orphans grow and become strong enough to help Earth and Luna fight the Ilorians.

Other allies to Earth's group include the energetic Dorsaigai Vayamon- Dorsaigai (regular ) and Neptune, who stays near the sea Vayamon- Nepteon

Earth's group battle terrifying beasts, such as the Roc, a giant eagle who was created by the Ilorians, the Oil dragon, a serpent who was made out of the Ilorian's water pollution, the enormous mythological Typhon and of course, Fthem and Nasta themselves.

Other adventures include finding ingredients for a potion that heals sick Vayamon, saving a bat like Vayamon species from eradication, stopping a Vayamon poacher and much more.

Vayamon is inspired by Pokemon, but Vayamon is slightly darker and has more crude humor, such as some fart/poop jokes.However, there are serious moments and a fair amount of battling.

This a basic description of Vayamon Season 1 and  there will be more seasons in the future.

There is a group for the Vayamon series. :iconvayamon-group:

A showcase of all Season 1 Vayamons


This video is fairly old.
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All of my first generation of stick insects have died.

This means to me because they were the first the first ever pets that I have owned. I was given them by my tutor in 2013. The second generation are still alive though.

Here is some pictures of my final two "veteran" stick insects:
Untitled by Sia-the-Mawile
Untitled by Sia-the-Mawile

They both lived to 1 year 3 months old. This is above average (average is 1 year)
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