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Vayamon poll: which version of Avilong do you prefer? 

January 26th, 2014. The day when I first made this Deviantart account. I just had my 16th birthday (my birthday is on January 11th)

Over the five years I have been on here, I have seen myself grow, improve and branch out. This website has had many benefits for me. Yes, there have been some unpleasant people/ experiences, but my journey has mostly been positive. 

Deviantart helped me cope with the death of a close relative that happened in February 2014.

Deviantart helps me cope with my autism and mental health issues, such as anxeity and a crippling phobia of babies and toddlers.

Because of my mental problems, I have a volatile temper, I can feel frustrated about my life, I don't go out as often as I would like to. My creative hobbies are what keeps me going, they are the reason I still have ambitions despite a good chunk of my brain acting like a large chain, holding me back in certain areas. Deviantart benefits me with this because it helps me nourish my creativity.

For everyone who supported me over the years, THANK YOU. This site means a lot to me, and so do you.  pokemon gif Charizard by dottypurrs pokemon gif vaporeon by dottypurrs pokemon gif Pichu by dottypurrs pokemon gif Emolga by dottypurrs pokemon gif Furret by dottypurrs Oshawott Happy Dance Plz by NerdzLikeTheCandy Dancing Buizel by LudiculousPegasus pokemon jolteon gif by dottypurrs


BEST OF: 2014:

  Fennekin uses Flamethrower by Sia-Mon  Vaporeon by Sia-Mon Espurr by Sia-Mon Emonga and Risu by Sia-Mon Vayamon: Denzilmon by Sia-Mon Vayamon- Rattaluna by Sia-Mon  Scowler by Sia-Mon Meet your executive:  Lemmee by Sia-Mon Tree Shrew by Sia-Mon Furret by Sia-Mon Emolga point by Sia-Mon Brown tail caterpillar by Sia-Mon Cute little mouse by Sia-Mon Dramatic and beautiful by Sia-Mon Sleepy fossa by Sia-Mon

BEST OF: 2015:
Dinosaur King- Terry by Sia-Mon  Surly squirrel by Sia-Mon Vayamon-Eartaia by Sia-Mon Vayamon-Wakerii by Sia-Mon Vayamon- Nepteon by Sia-Mon Vayamon- Rattorage by Sia-Mon Vayamon- Werenukay by Sia-Mon Vayamon- Megamessian by Sia-Mon Vayamon-Smok by Sia-Mon Vayamon- Andren by Sia-Mon Vayamon- Dorsaigai (Air) by Sia-Mon Vayamon-Fennis by Sia-Mon Vayamon- Basliomon by Sia-Mon Vayamon-Othlipython by Sia-Mon Vayamon- Castorm by Sia-Mon Hot Dog by Sia-Mon
Victini by Sia-Mon Oshawott by Sia-Mon Buizel by Sia-Mon Shaymin by Sia-Mon My mustache is beautiful by Sia-Mon Black cheeked lovebird by Sia-Mon Red panda by Sia-Mon Sunny spider by Sia-Mon Malachite butterfly by Sia-Mon Glossy by Sia-Mon Albino peacock by Sia-Mon Blue and gold by Sia-Mon

BEST OF: 2016:  Norm of the North by Sia-Mon Vayamon 2- Ultimate Dorsaigai by Sia-Mon Leafeon by Sia-Mon Popplio by Sia-Mon Lycanroc by Sia-Mon Solgaleo by Sia-Mon Monsuno- Quickforce by Sia-Mon Vayamon 2- Raycotl by Sia-Mon Vayamon 2-Aleena by Sia-Mon Vayamon 2-  Sinosa by Sia-Mon Vayamon 2- Raposa by Sia-Mon Vayamon 2 -Inovia by Sia-Mon Vayamon 2- Miragon by Sia-Mon Vayamon 2- Inferlia by Sia-Mon Vayamon 2-Simapup by Sia-Mon Vayamon 2- Meeree by Sia-Mon Vayamon 2- Solemon by Sia-Mon Vayamon- Avilong (Male) by Sia-Mon Vayamon- Avilong (Female) by Sia-Mon Vayamon 2 -Larkin by Sia-Mon Caiman by Sia-Mon Robin by Sia-Mon The Monarch by Sia-Mon Squirrel by Sia-Mon

BEST OF: 2017:
Precious by Sia-Mon Salamence by Sia-Mon Eevee by Sia-Mon Skuntank by Sia-Mon Shinx by Sia-Mon Aurorus by Sia-Mon Skitty by Sia-Mon Winter Sawsbuck by Sia-Mon Hydreigon by Sia-Mon Thyphlosion by Sia-Mon Dinosaur King- Chomp by Sia-Mon Paris battle mode by Sia-Mon Skylanders:Wreaking  Ball by Sia-Mon Monsuno- Longfang by Sia-Mon Monsuno- Nitestone by Sia-Mon Catch! by Sia-Mon For you! by Sia-Mon Grey heron by Sia-Mon Jack Dempsey fish by Sia-Mon Quack by Sia-Mon Leopard lace wing by Sia-Mon Sleepy Ocelot by Sia-Mon Brilliant beauty by Sia-Mon Pigeon portrait by Sia-Mon Small white butterfly by Sia-Mon

BEST OF: 2018 :  Drawn to Life: Jowee by Sia-Mon Monsuno-Warwing by Sia-Mon Cyndaquil Family by Sia-Mon Original Eeveeultion poster by Sia-Mon Vulpix poster by Sia-Mon Walking with Dinosaurs 3D by Sia-Mon

Skylanders Ring of Heroes-Whirlwind poster by Sia-Mon Skylanders Ring of Heroes-Spyro Poster by Sia-Mon Spheal by Sia-Mon Vayamon 3: Carityrannus by Sia-Mon Vayamon 3 Arra- Aklatu by Sia-Mon Vayamon 3-Angha by Sia-Mon Vayamon 3: Rin by Sia-Mon Vayamon 3:Shinbamon by Sia-Mon Vayamon 3: Kontara by Sia-Mon Vayamon 3: Mosarunn by Sia-Mon Vayamon 3: Akamayuu by Sia-Mon Black tailed skimmer by Sia-Mon Cow stroll by Sia-Mon The ladybird and the ant by Sia-Mon Look to the sky by Sia-Mon Collared dove by Sia-Mon Black ladybird by Sia-Mon Patch the pigeon by Sia-Mon Greenfinch by Sia-Mon Striped beauty by Sia-Mon Singing by Sia-Mon Red admiral by Sia-Mon Chocolate sugar cake by Sia-Mon Rainbow traybake 2 by Sia-Mon White Crocus by Sia-Mon


I promise that 2019 will be a fantastic year for this little section of Deviantart. I got an upgraded camera for my 21st birthday, I hope my photos will get even better. I am also creating more drawings, both of fanart and of my original characters

Thank you all:

Ellie    Mawile by CreepyJellyfish      Silvally by alolan-sprites       Shiny Eevee by MidnightsShinies 

Sequel to : 

Vayamon 2 plotSequel to: 
And look here for more of Season 1's story:

Season 2 episodes: 1-9:
New villain,Thiea: 
New (somewhat) villians, Skipp and Pixx: 
The Gruntbottom Brothers:  
The Sphinx :  
Nemean Lion : 


The Gaia orb is the beating heart of planet Vayroia, the world where the Vayamons live. The Gaia Orb was created shortly after Gaia's birth to sustain her after she was born from the soil of planet Vayroia.

It is responsible for Vayamon evolution and elemental powers. In fact, a Vayamon is scientifically known as any creature who has thier DNA linked with the Gia Orb. This link stays even if the Vayamon leaves Vayroia. The Gaia Orb also keeps the planet in balance.

One day, the Gaia Orb is destroyed by the notorious villains Lord Gruntbottom, Fthem and their lackeys; Sphinx, Nemean Lion, Nasta, Thiea (as the reborn Neo Thiea), Skipp, Pixx and an English Bull terrier called Stan.

The precious Gaia Orb shatters into many fragments that scatter throughout Vayroia. The antagonists want to recollect the orb fragments to manipulate them, thus manipulating the strengh of the entire planet. To them, this is the perfect recipe for dominating Vayroia.

When the Orb is first destoryed, a terrible storm rips throughout planet Vayoria. Even after the storm subsides, Vayroia is thrown way out of balance. Freak weather happens in unexpected bouts across the planet, (one episode has a normally humid jungle cover in thick snow for a short while). Tensions are rising as Vayroia faces a chaotic future.

The situation is made even worse when several dangerous villains are released from Tartarus (a giant underground dungeon) 

These villains are Vanessa (a vain hornbill dragoness)   Vayamon 3- Vanessa by Sia-Mon

Bufo (Vanessa's enormous, voracious pet toad)   Vayamon 3- Bufo by Sia-Mon

Edgar (an arrogant, gold obsessed Lady Amherst's pheasant. He develops an unfriendly rivalry with Neptune)  Vayamon- Edgar by Sia-Mon

Typhon (a monster who returns from Season One. He has a violent hatred for Eartaias, Earth's species)  Vayamon- Typhon by Sia-Mon

The Ibis Witches (these two hideous sisters are Northern bald ibises. They create potions that act as a radar for the antagonists to use when they want to look for Gaia Orb fragments. Thier servent is Alan the naked mole rat)  Vayamon 3- The Ibis Witches and Alan by Sia-Mon

It is up to Earth and her friends to retrive ALL of the Gaia Orb fragments so they can repair the precious Gaia Orb and save Vayroia's diverse ecosystems from degrading.

These Vayamons go on many exciting adventures to many amazing places such as a forest where there are giant mushrooms instead of trees, a beach where the sand looks and tastes like a slush drink, a volcano that erupts liquid gold, massive underwater caves, vast jungles and more!

It's not an easy job, but it MUST be done. And Earth discovers a new power...


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United Kingdom
I read all of my comments and I reply to the majority of them.

Thank You... by jennyleigh It's okay to fav bomb me! by TRASHYADOPTS

YouTube by Th3EmOo
My Youtube account:…

Google + by Th3EmOo
My Google + account:…

I studied A level Graphic Design.

More about me:

Nationality: 3/4 English, 1/4 Jamaican

Autistic Stamp by painttoolsy(It's fairly mild, but still has noticable impacts on my life)

Capricorn Stamp by mylastel

What I like:

Pokemon Logo Stamp by Mintaka-TK Request - Skylanders Trap Team Stamp by RadSpyro (I like all Skylanders games but Trap Team is my favourite)
Monsuno Fan Stamp by Tailwalker Dinosaur King Stamp by Sia-Mon
(Request) Walking with Dinosaurs 3D Movie Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Norm of the North  stamp by Sia-Mon Two By Two Stamp by NightmareBear87
The Nut Job Fan Stamp by FanDusk64 The Nut Job 2 Fan Stamp by FanDusk64
Alpha and Omega Stamp by SBsStampAttack Alpha and Omega 4 stamp by Chidori1334
overrated stamp (pls check out my art too? thanks) by Siarczek I love Animals by WishmasterAlchemist Stamp - Fossil Geek by Pristichampsus Deviant Photographer - Stamp by Habjan
I love Dragons by WishmasterAlchemist I love Dinosaurs by WishmasterAlchemist Kuromi Stamp by blackheartqueen Cooking and Baking Stamp by Mintaka-TK
kittydog stamp #2 by belmew Stamp by Phlum

I also love the Toonzone dub of Yoohoo and friends

I also love collecting models from companies such as Schleich, Safari LTD, CollectA, etc.

I enjoy YouTube Poops and certain memes

What I don't like :
(Request) Anti The Curse of the Were-Rabbit Stamp by KittyJewelpet78(Aardman in general is nightmare fuel for me *shudders*)
I loss interest in Disney by KittyJewelpet74 South Park is not funny by KittyJewelpet78
Needles by DarthTella Anti SpongeBob SquarePants Stamp by ChesterCheetosFan
Stamp: Fear of babies by Riza-Izumi (toddlers too. Caused by sensory difficulties due to my autism)

I also dislike the Despicble Me series and Minions

I don't like crowded places.

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