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Red Dress

Fanart for Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines.
Imalia is a former supermodel and the childe of the Nosferatu leader Gary Golden, and she is clearly unhappy being a Nosferatu. In Bloodlines you can find a poster, where she is posing in the red dress.
Kinda crossover with "Requiem for a dream"

Vampire the Masquerade (c) White wolf

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I'm sad and in love with this ♥
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Hmmm...Perhaps that's why the game setting puts Nosferatu in Hollywood together with Toreador. Intetesting metaphor.
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Now that you mention it, it makes sense) Besides Gary being former movie star.
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And Gary giving Imalia the Embrace just to knock her down to his level was horribly spiteful, wasn't it?  Nosferatu who turn beautiful people into Cleopatras are pure bastards.  If her vanity and belittling offend you that much, just throw a bucket of mud on her and move on!

It's almost easy to feel sorry for Imalia if you're playing another Nosferatu and you talk to her.  "Okay, so maybe you have some idea of what it's like to be me...."
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But you don't understand, I'm gonna be on Television.
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I'm reminded of Requiem For A Dream(。•ˇ‸ˇ•。)
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I'll be perfectly honest, I didn't think the film was great. I'd give the film an 8/10 still, which is a very high rating for me. Although the next day I had Requiem for a Dream in my head for the entire day, I was ill and disturbed. Despite not feeling any of those emotions before. Meltdown and Lux Aeterna kept playing NON-STOP!
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Yeah I know, just can't stop playing the OST even though it really sinks me into a mood of depression...It is the first time for me to taste such a suffocating desperation in a film. Not even those old horror films can do that.
And yes, I suppose Sara will perfectly understand how Imalia feels about being a Nosferatu.
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I recently re-watched Requiem for a Dream - with my family - and I think Requiem for a Dream is the first film I've seen where a re-watch has impacted me more. When I first watched the film I felt emotionally empty, although I wasn't majorly affected by the film. 

However, I wanted to give Requiem for a Dream another chance, as I felt like I didn't like the film as much as everyone else. So I thought I had missed a vital part.

So I re-watched the film, and I felt as if I was in the film while watching the film. Although I didn't feel depressed at all, I was terrified. And that's odd, considering that I've seen so many 'extreme' films in the past, and I have to try my hardest to place myself in the atmosphere to be scared, which is difficult.

However, at the end of the film I could feel the weight on my arms, I found moving my arms difficult as I was constantly shivering.
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I'd say the worst film involving junkies for certain, and one of the worst "drug films" around. The people who ever tried the stuff will understand what's wrong right from the start. There's none of the opiate soul to be found here.
They're would have been better replacing H with Prozac.
This is so powerful! You're incredible!
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(Clears throat)

It's Melisandre from Game of Thrones

(Runs from angry fans)
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I just... I just remembered that Imalia appeared earlier in the game in Carson's old apartment lol. Dang how did I not realize that sooner. Amazing art *^*
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This is so beautiful. Fantastic job!
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I'm always fond of monster girls with self-image issues.
She's pretty.
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Very impressive. Really captures Imalia's tragic refusal to move on. How amazing is it: This image actually made me feel sorry for a character who laughs about driving her former rival to commit suicide. That's how amazing.
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OMFG I love it. You're a big artist.
This is the essence of most of nosferatu characters. The reason of their rude behavior.
Amazing :heart:
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I don't like Imalia because of her attitude, but contrary to that, I sympathize with her. Very well done.
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