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Hey~ Been a while~

Fri Oct 13, 2017, 11:32 AM
More precisely last time I was properly "active" here was almost a year ago.
So.... Some updates? Basically shifted platforms, moved to tumblr and instagram.


Well... Guess I'll get "a bit" ranty, but.... I was quite disappointed in dA..."life" happened, made some fashion collections, cosplays, costume commissions, artdolls; one main thing is the low activity here and another reason... the people who hosted contests at dA... they... have earned a very special place in my heart.

If anyone remembers, it's now... a coupe years ago that I took part of....many, many "art contests", almost every drawing I did was a contest entry, lost at most, but won too. I loved competing, but...guess what, out of the ones I "won", most of the hosts to this day haven't delivered prizes. Would it be physical items, art requests, points, membership and especially cash, those people either have ignored, blocked, disabled their accounts or found excuses why not to give out what they promised.
There are popular artists among them, who got many others to draw art of their OCs as a contest entry, promising big awards just to later "forget" that they are supposed to deliver their end???? Oh my god and the people who decide to cancel after not receiving a certain amount of entries, just to leave a general journal "oh by the way thanks for drawing my OC lol". I'd get it if there was only one person like that, but I can count them on two hands and that's a bit too much. Maybe was just unlucky, maybe shouldn't have entered so many or at all, maybe it was karma, idk. Not pointing fingers and it's not a call out, but... still mad about it, ohboi.

It seems such a silly reason to abandon an art site... Or to shift.... hm... Or you can say that I've held a meaningless grudge and been a lazy potato. :shrug:

Ever since then I've become less active to the point of not posting at all and...yeah, about the activity part... well, I've been here for what... almost 9 years now and there are barely ~3000 watchers... Actually losing some now that I posted something hahaha. ha... (Plz don't leave _(:3」∠)_  ) Pretty sure more than half are inactive or abandoned accounts. Now... when I started uploading to tumblr and instagram, I've gotten the same amount of followers in less than a year... Then again I've kind of converted into a fanartist, when most of the content here has been OC art...  Wondering if the same pictures would attract more attention here too...

It seems... a bit odd looking through what I've posted here, in a way I'd like to keep the galleries frozen like they are, it's a nice collection to refer back to as "my old art". There is huge gap in my gallery now, but the thought of moving every piece over to dA, that I've made in the meantime, seems a bit overwhelming to say the least. Probably going to pick out some favorites.

If anyone is interested to take a peek what's missing from my dA, here are links:

welcome to follow if you have accounts there

ART RAFFLE (closed)

Sun Aug 16, 2015, 11:10 AM



The random number generator has spoken. : D
I shall note you soon! ^^


Let's have a small artzy raffle~ :meow:

~The winner will get a watercolor illustration~

A4 size, fullbody, 2 characters max, simple bg, can be OCs, fanart
 ...or an abstract portrait of yourself perhaps.

something in a similar style:
Alhertine by Si3art Yushi by Si3art
Co.001 by Si3art Temptation by Si3art


Favorite this journal.
And that's it.
Lemme know you want to participate just by +fav'ing this~


(Sunday) 23:59 GMT+2

The winner will be selected via on the next night of Sunday. ^^

Good luck~

Some updates or such

Sun May 3, 2015, 3:06 PM
Hello there!

First of all, a very belated thank you for all the B-Day wishes and welcome new watchers! :heart:
Happy to see so many familiar usernames and icons or... at all how many peeps take the time to write something. heh.

And yes, I read every comment you write here, even when I don't always reply. :meow:
It's like.... Instead of usually "faving and running" I've been "submitting and running".

....I've been busy with college works, lots of essay, project deadlines and examinations coming up this month...
Some costume commissions to finish and.... yeah, about a week now there will be a fashion show where I'm non-stop trying to finish outfits and as it turns out, maybe I'll even have to make an intro video for it. You know.... as a "show-it-off" abstract-ish short fashion vid. I don't have any friends with film editing skills and I've kinda.... clipped together some youtube vids.... So I know the basics.... It should be enough, rite.... 8D I could do it too, rite.... 8D
Still so much to do.... Odd, wonder when I'll start panicking..... There is seriously a lot to do... ._.

And jet, here I am, trying to kind of catch up with a couple years not entering to any DA related contests... Actually I don't have the slightest time for contest right now, maybe I'll take a break soon.... Maybe... I've completely stopped playing games ///always complaining about it///  and I've been taking the time to draw at nights instead of watching TV shows or anime... or youtubers "lets plays". Incredible how much you can put down on paper with the same time... xD

 Funny thing is that now when I finally started drawing more than a couple watercolor illustrations a month, almost everybody close to me has mentioned I should stop, better focus on college. Meh. I like drawing. I like contests. I like our projects at college too, but these are so.... timeconsuming. I get bored. I want to do something else at the same time.  It's been a constant struggle between what I want to do and what I have to do. Meh.

 I was thinking of making an art raffle sorts of thingy when all of the "what I have to do" list gets done.

Until then... I suppose no journals for quite a while again.

submitting and running.

Facebook Art Page~

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 18, 2014, 11:54 AM
<meta name="google-site-verification" content="GsgvEeBVzqyTZ_ne2NpmtZmD9TFVM5tP63geeokQAG8"/>

So... Yep. I did it. I made a...

...facebook art page Si3art

Feel free to follow or just check out what I've managed to upload there so far~ :la:

I'll be uploading wips and sketches over there, that you can't see here, some college projects and textile design related stuff ~and~ a lot more frequently that over here... c:

Toodles~ :heart:

Otaku House Cosplay Idol finals!

Mon Nov 25, 2013, 3:11 PM
Hey hey~  :wave:

YES~ I got to Otaku House Cosplay Idol finals and all thanks to your support before! :heart:
But now begins the final voting.

So here it is~

!~Otaku House Cosplay Idol finals voting~!

You can vote 4 times, so be sure to hit LIKE or google +1 on all 4 cosplay pictures over there! :iconlawooplz:

(once for each 3 cosplay photos, and a general 'Idol Factor'- how much voters want to see more of my works)

... Please? c:

I've got Mistral, Haven Trooper and Plague Doctor over there~  Check it out~ ^^

The voting is open for one month- till 27.December.

So... Would you ~pretty~ please support my cosplays?
and share the link with your friends? :meow:

PAINTING VIDEO! ...and away for a while...

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 22, 2013, 4:57 PM
First of all, if you haven't noticed it yet, then I finally manganed to pull together a watercolour illustration painting vid~ :la:
A lot of time and effort went into it... So... I'd appreciate it if you'd watch even a lil' bit of it. c:

Btw... This footage was recorded in July and I have 4 more unedited painting video materal... So, there will be more vidz~ : D

And another note....

I'll be leaving tomorrow for my EuroCosplay London trip and will be back on monday late at midnight.
*I wont have internet connection during that time*


If by any chance the *still-running* kiriban should be caught, DO send the screen cap! :eager:
You'll just have to sit tight for a little while then and wait till I get back. c:

Remeber! The first one to send the exact number 50.000 will be the winner!
And the winner will get a free watercolour commission from me~

Enjoy the vid and until next week~ :meow:

Animatsuri 2013 official artist

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 29, 2013, 5:38 AM
Hey, hey~
This year, I got to be my local anime con's official artist- the one who drew all the posters, web design pics, t-shirt designs.

I've been inactive or quite a long time and that's because I was drawing all of ^that^ or making Mistral cosplay.
So~ Here's a lil' picture journal of what I drew for the event~ :heart:

The characters are Animatsuri's mascots Aki and Sousuke + the newest member lil' bear Wilhelm.
Aki and Souske are genky's OCs and Wilhelm is Helena Jallai's critter~ c:

First, the main poster.

The fantasy themed masked ball poster.

A special sushi set poster for the even.

The webpage pic~

Check it out over here~

The banner.

A lil placeholder~

The T-shirt design

My sketch and the final staff shirt~

Annnnddd~ Last, but not least, I also entered the drawing competition. :dummy:

There's still a little time left to vote!
(Till the end of this month)

:eager:  :eager:  :eager:  :eager:  :eager:  :eager:  :eager:  :eager:  :eager:  :eager:  :eager:  :eager:  :eager:  

Hey, hey~ ♥

Just recently I submitted my Haven Trooper cosplay at the Otaku House cosplay contest and I NEED YOUR HELP!

^--------^>!!!VOTE HERE!!!<^--------^

Absolutely every vote counts! D:
(The "like"/"google+" voting links are on the top left of the pic)

So please, could you spare some clicks, follow the link and vote? :iconilikeitplz:
Sharing on facebook is also greatly appreciated~ :heart:
Only top 5 pics in each album with most votes get to the next round. D:

Name Change...

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 14, 2013, 8:26 AM
Yeah... Hello there.

After very long time hesitating about this, finally it's decided. BlackButterfly007 is no more. :|

Why changing my username here? Well, first of all.... Look at it. It's too long and awfully general. Over this ~4 years I've... Gotten tired of it. I dunno, but this name just doesn't seem to fit... I dont like the sound of it... Love my current avatar tho. :D

Where did that name first came from anyway? Hahhaha~ Well, when I made this account, I was a hardcore Bleach fan and belive it or not, but my "first" username choise was 'HellButterly' becuse of... ya know... the hell butterflies over there. But then again. the word 'hell' in a username didn't feel very fitting. :I

 I'm a sucker for butterflies and black is my favorite "colour" and since most of the one-two worded general usernames are taken, then as a Bond movies fangirl, the only so called meaningful  number combination for me was 007.

And that's the story of the username BlackButterfly007.  :dummy:


Anyway, has anyone noticed I've been scribbling 'Si3' on the edges of my artworks?... :dummy:

Si3 comes from my name Silvia - Sigrid Sillaots.

for those, who didn't know~ c:

Hahhhh... well, what's done is done.

Oh yes, I'm not going to change all those "watermarks" on my deviations. Not even going to bother. C:
If anyone should be searching for someone by the name "BlackButterfly007", they will still end up on my page, right?

Afterall, the person behind this online name is still the same. ;)

Thank you, my sweet watchers, for all your support so far! :icontardhugplz: :icontardhugplz: :icontardhugplz:
Hope this lil' name change isn't that confusing... c:

Hug n' kisses and have an inspirational artzy summer! :heart:


Journal Entry: Sun Jun 30, 2013, 7:20 AM

And finally, yes finally it has been caught~

And the lucky one is ~:iconmike-halcyon:~!


Since all this kirban thing has taken... too... much... time... I thought... Maybe.... Just maybe, if I feel like it. Maybe I'll do something like a giveaway type of "fav this thing to participate" with a certain deadline and a random winner... Maybe. Because it's been a while I've drawn for someone else and challenges every once in a while are fun~. :dummy:
And nope, I don't do requests if you ask me randomly, I'll do them if I ask you~ :icondummylaplz:

Hey there~

Time for another kirban! :la:
And actually a lot closer than the last one was... 8D

So... What's a kiriban, eh?

Just catch the 50,000th view on my page, take a screencap and send me a note with the link of the pic!

:heart: The one who catches the kiriban will get an A4 watercolour illustration from me! :heart:

A picture of your OC, fanart or maybe a illustrative portrait of you; full/half body- the choise is yours.
 The only conditions from me are, that the size will be A4, two characters max and background something abstractly decorative. x)

Happy stalking! :dummy:

Two decades old :D

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 24, 2013, 11:04 AM
It seems I'm late for my own B-Day party, eh? : D
Yay~ A year older again~  Whoopie... D:

Thank you all, my dear watchers, for all the wonderful birthday wishes! ^^

Thank you! :iconlawooplz::iconlawooplz::iconlawooplz:




Journal Entry: Mon Apr 15, 2013, 10:37 PM
Wowza... Just when I haven't updated for a long, long time, I see my inbox kind of exploded... This can mean only one thing...
IT'S A DAILY DEVIATION~ :iconlawooplz:

And the lucky featured artwork is/was Creepah Crittah Jenny~  You know... The wierd mutated bunny, the latest finished critter so far. :giggle:

Thank you so much Astralseed for the suggesting and maytel for featuring this! :hug:

And oh wow, you guys~  Thank you all for the lovely feedback~ :thanks:
A BIG BIG HUG FOR ALL OF YA~ :icontardhugplz:

For those who were interested in how it was made,

you can check out the progress shots of a similar creature at my "Sketch to Finish" blog ♥

Jenny was made exactly the same way. ^^ It's the closest thing to a tutorial right now. :'D

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Moeke 2013 finaal

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 24, 2013, 5:53 AM
Selle aasta Moeke möödus kuidagi eriti kiiresti... Vähemal minu jaoks. Seekord ise osa ei võtnud, aga olin üks zürii liikmetest.  :)

Moeke 2013 teema oli "Wonderland", finaali pääses nooremast kategooriast 7 ja vanemast 6 kollektsiooni. Üritus toimus 23. märts Lõunakeskuses.
(Mõtlesin, et kirjutaks veidike mida nägin, paar lauset kollektsioonide kohta ja mida vb järgmine kord rohkem silmas pidada. Niikaua kui mälu on veel värske. ;D
Pole õrna aimugi, kas need osalejad satuvad seda postitust lugema, but what the heck, kommenteerin ikka. Kasvõi oma lõbuks.

*kunagi update'in seda postitust, kui fotograafid on üles ärkand ja oma pildid netti laadinud finaalist*

See postitus on kõigest minupoolne arvamus. Vabandan ette, kui sellega ei nõustu.

Jah... Loomulikult annab sellise otsuse üle vaielda, kindlasti saab absoluutselt kõikide kollektsioonide kallal viriseda, et "midagi on puudu", "see pole ju igapäevaselt kantav, heck see pole isegi kollektsioon", "õõõ... aga vanemad õmblesid nende kostüümid" etc.etc.

Aga lõpuks... See peaks olema kõige loogilisem asi üldse, et üldmulje on see, mis lõpuks loeb.
Jah, olen nõus, et mõnel oli väga hea kollektsiooni idee, aga näiteks lavaline liikumine/esinemine oli nõrk, või vastupidi- super energilised, hea hoiakuga modellid, aga mis teha... Kollektsiooni on nõrk või teostus rahuldav (no kui juba paari sammu kauguselt on näha, et õmblused kisuvad, midagi on lohvakas, kuskilt viltu, või näiteks õmblused üldse puuduvad... no kuulge... keda te siin petta tahate? Vigu peab oskama peita. ;)
Ja mõõdukas abi vanematelt pole otseselt keelatud. Kahju on küll kuulda sellist selja taga rääkimist, et kuskil keegi kuulis midagi, aga sellised jutud kipuvad alati liikuma ringi siis, kui otsused on tehtud. (äkki kadedus? pettumus teadmises, et ise esimest korda oma kätega said midagi valmis, aga zürii ei oskand seda hinnata?)  Üldmulje, lapsed, ÜLDMULJE on number üks. ^^

Nagu mainitud, kõikide kollektsioonide kallal saab viriseda, aga pingerida on kokku pandud vastavalt sellele, kes hetkel konkureerisid/võtsid osa Moekesest.

Hindamisel ja kohtade jagamisel pidasimegi züriiga eelkõige silmas üldmuljet- kas kollektsioon oli tervik, kas materjalivalik/disain/lõiked/mustrid oli ühtsed/põhjendatud, lavaline esitlus/liikumine/kas on läbimõeldud.

Noorem vanusegrupp (12-16 aastased)

I.koht Riisipõllu baleriinid

Seesama nobetate näppude grupp piimašokolaadi tooni neiuga... Jah, tõesti nad on juba ammu asjale pihta saanud, kuidas võita publiku südamed, kuidas ühendada teatraalsus, lihtsa põhimõttega kostüümid ja lavaline liikumine effektseks show'ks.
Minu poolne miinus oleks see, et tegeliklt olid kõik kostüümid täiesti ühesugused ja need maalingud kehade peal ei olnud kõige peenemad, aga see kuidas nad kõik koos laval mõjusid oli lihtsalt super- kohe meenusid Dega baleriinid. Esinemine 5+++ ja nad lihtsalt paistsid silma kõikide nooremate kollektsioonide seast.

II.koht Kiss From A Rose

Esiteks... Mis kohe silma jäi... Kahju, et ainult kaks komplekti oli. :I
Aga jällegi, kui võrrelda neid kolmanda koha kollektsiooniga, siis lihtsalt super disainga victoria/lolita'likud kleidikesed. Pits ja pastelltoonid oli suurepäraselt kokku pandud ja teostuse kallal ei anna pealtvaadates viriseda. Igati väärikad komplektid, aga jah... oleks tahtnud samas stiilis rohkem kleite näha...

III.koht Sparkling Paradise Birds

Alguses oli kahtluse all, kummale kollektsioonile anda teine ja kellele kolmas koht, aga lõpuks kui võrrelda seda teise koha tüüpidega, siis siin kollektsioonis jäi puudu n-ö disainilist ühtsust. Ainuke pealtnäha ühendav element olid sätedavad materjalid ja veneetsi pool-maskid. Kõikidel olid väga toredad omaette kleidid, aga kollektsioonilik ühtsus neis puudus.

Vanem vanusegrupp (17-21 aastased)

I. koht XO

Modellid olid kõik tipp-topp, nagu proffid nii välimuse kui hoiaku/kõnnaku poolest. Lavaline liikumine/kollektsiooni esitlus oli lihtsalt nii läbi mõeldud ja absoluutselt mitte millegi kallal polnud viriseda. Must-valge värvikombo on alati olnud suht "safe-bet" aga no, siin selles kollektsioonis see lihtsalt töötas. Minimalistlik ja jõuline, super mustrite kasutus- triibulised ja sikk-sakk pinnad. Eriti meeldis see, et olid ka meestekomplektid, mis nägid head välja. Kõik viimse detailini oli läbi mõeldud, ja ngu ikka öeldakse, et kompositsioon (ja eriti minimalism) on täiuslik siis, kui mitte midagi ei anna juurde lisada ja kui midagi vähemaks võtta, oleks nagu midagi puudu- vot just seda tundsingi selle kollektsiooni puhul. Ei tea, kui paljud tähele panid, aga minu jaoks oli kohe eiriline kirss tordi otsas need mustad nooleotsakesed selja taga lukkude lõpus. Ja pealegi, need naiste komplektid on sellised, et kannaks isegi (kui selga läheks xD). Super!
Vb ainuke miinus minu jaoks oleks see, et ei saanud väga hästi sellele maski teemale pihta aga samas kindlasti see on meeldejääv ja enam ei kujutakski "XO"d ette ilma maskideta. ;)

II. koht Lacerta vita

Vanemas kategoorias olid nad esimesed esinejad ja oli ilmselgelt näha, et "vau, vot see on see, mille kohta võib öelda kollektsioon".  Väga positiivne mulje jäi. Siin oli peaaegu kõik olemas- väga super lõiked/riiete disain, materjal terves kollektsioonis sama. Midagi oleks nagu näinud ja samas nagu ei oleks ka... Võiks öelda, et väga raske oli teha vahet esiemsel ja teisel koha, ja n-ö selle kollektsiooni jaoks saigi  saatuslikus nõrgem lavaline esitlus ja mõne komplekti puhul oli näha, et ilmselgelt on riided kas liiga suured modellile või lihtsalt lohakalt tehtud. (ma loodan, et kuidagi ei solva nüüd, aga see kottis korsett tõsiselt riivas silma, pussitas mu mõistust, kuidas saab üldse korsetti nii kartulikoti moodi teha. kui tahad midagi kehasse õmmelda, siis kasuta mannekeeni, kasvõi proovi endale aeg-ajalt selga, kuidas hoiab. kui see on korralikult tehtud, siis isegi L suuruses korsett hoiab XS suuruses modelli seljas ilusti)(ok... iseasi kui kena seda vaadata on, aga loodan, et mõttest saate aru) Väga vabandan...D:

III. koht Neverland

Selline kollektsioon, mida lihtsalt ei saanud top kolmest välja jätta. Väga terviklik vintage stiii meenutav kollektsioon. Väga hea värvimaitse, selle juured meeldis eriti see, et kui oli mindud lihtsate kleidikeste teed, siis vähemalt oli lõigetega mängitud (ja õmblused tundusid ka korralikud, vähemalt ei kiskunud kuskilt midagi) Vb miinus... Aga samas ka pluss? Et oli mindud reuse'i teed nende teksajakikestega. Ei, ei kõik sobis väga hästi kokku: pastell roosa ja sinine, teksa jakid, lillepärajd juustes, need mõnusa pitsiäärega sokid, ja oh~ need kingad~ :heart:
Üldmulje oli hea ja muusika valik super, aga millegipärast see ei olnud nii silmatorkavalt meeldejääv võrreldes kahe esimese kohaga. :I


Parim meik- kollektsioon Bär naturen

(kuigi siin pole väga hästi näha...)

Parim soeng- kollektsioon Vinyl

aka "parim akssessuaar" ;D

Parim modell- kollektsioonist Kristalne peegeldus

(ei mäleta ta nime ja ühelgi eelvoru pildil ta ei ole esiplaanis... aga see oli see särtsakas piiga pikkade blondide juustega) *eriti hea kirjeldus, right?*


Siiani olen ise osalenud Moekesel 6 aastat, viimased kolm aastat võitnud vanemas kategoorias esikoha ja eelmisel aastal sain veel Grand Prix'i tiitli ning üht teist oskan ikka hinnata/kritiseerida teiste kollektsioonides.

Hah. Vahelduseks eriti mõnus olla züriis. ;D

Peaks veel mainima, et minu arvates oli tegelikult nooremas kategoorias see aasta tase nõrgem kui eelmine aasta ja vanemas kohe tunduvalt tugevam. Järjest tulidki ainult kollektsioonid, mille kohta tõesti saab öelda "kollektsioon"- väga ühtsed nii disaini kui materjalivalikuga, liikumine läbimõeldum ja üldse enamus jättis tervikliku mulje. Iseasi, mis oli kõige meeldejäävam.

Ma mäletan väga hästi seda pettumust, kui esimesed kaks korda sain finaali, aga isegi mingit eriauhinda ei saanud. Olin... Suht... Masenduses. Ja isegi pettunud züriis... Terve päev olen mõelnud, kas äkki tegin kellelegi liiga oma kritiseerimisega ja kas äkki keegi nooremtest tunneb ennast sama halvasti nagu mina tollal aastaid tagasi... Mhmm... ._.

Aga neile niipalju, et kuskilt tuleb alati alustada. Ega ma isegi ei ole kõige brilljantsem näide. Suht hale olen, tegelt ka. :DD Aga nagu olen aru saanud, siis loeb ka see, kui tugevad su konkurendid on, kes satuvad võistlema. Need kohad on antud ikkagi võrreldes kõikide nende kollektsioonidega, kes osalesid. :meow:

Kui Te pole nähtuga rahul, siis minu soovitus: võtke järgmine aasta osa ja tehke ise paremini. :la:
Ja mõelge läbi absoluutselt kõik!
- Alustades riietest/kostüümidest- disain- ühtsed lõiked, kangad, mustrid, aksessuaarid
-mõelge läbi lavaline liikumine/esinemine- kui kaua hoiate poose lava catwalkil, kuhu jäävad modellid seisma kui catwalkilt tagasi tulevad
-ja huvitav muusika (eriti remixid) annab alati esinemisele juurde :nod:

Aga vot see on küll lubadus, järgmine aasta osalen igal juhul uuesti Moekesel. :D
Ja päris käed rüppes ei ole isegi olnud, see aasta võite näha mu uut kollektsiooni  "Oblivion" Moedepool 6.aprillil. ;)

Until next time~ :wave:

To all my fellow watchers and foregin friends, I will not translate this journal into english. If you want, there is always google translate. Hahaha~ :trollface:

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EuroCosplay + London MCM Expo 2012

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 21, 2013, 6:18 AM
Yup, thats right. Im blabbering about it now. :D
EC took place during the London MCM Expo 27th October (Saturday)and I was selected to be the Estonian qualifier with mah MGS4 Haven Trooper/Frog cosplay. ^^

First of all, I have to say, this was THE BEST cosplay/gaming con I have ever been to, EXACTLY and EVEN BETTER compared to what can be seen over internet pics or youtube vids. Absoultely amazing and mind-blowing experience, what leaves you begging for more.

Here is my point of view of the lil' trip. Long text is long. So beware. :giggle:

Well... Started with the biggest mistake ever. The one who planned all the plain tickets n' stuffz, asked if I wanted to go back Sunday morning or Monday... And I had a full college day on Monday + some test, so I saied Sunday morning... But because of that, I missed all the last day London Expo fun... DD:  Psfh... Screw school, next year (if I should get to go again) I want to enjoy the expo at its fullest.

I arrived on Friday 26th Oct. Oh... my... goddd.... The journey began from the plane station. I didn't see ANY signs of the trains name my informer gave me... I got some instructions from the EC people, but it seemed a bit complicated and it was supposed to be a bit more expesive way than to go woth that mysterious non-existant train+ it was pretty late, around ~8 o'clock.

Luckily, after gluelessly walking around the station back and forth about half an hour, I heard some estonians and asked if they had any idea what way to go... They were some nice two ladys and told clearly that the fastest way would be the underground train (with a name I haven't seen mentioned anywhere before). So~ What do I do? I went the wrong way down and ended up in a bus station. xD

Then thought, what the hell, so  EC peeps way it is and bought a bus ticket. Later noticed, that the bus number is wrong, but at least the destionation was right. I had no idea how long the ride was going to last and felt like I was going to cry any minute now, because... Maybe I went on the wrong bus... What would it cost to get back... And even if I get to the destination, I didn't really know where to go from there...

I heard some estonians again sitting beside me. A middle aged couple, the woman talked on the phone sth about meeting her daughter who is living in London. During the ~half hour ride my mind was compleatly blank... I didnt dare to think whats ahead of me.  

When we all arrived at the bus stop, collected our bags, I... I didn't even know which way to look... Then noticed that estonian couple again and finally approached the lady and asked if she could point the way. Another very warm and kind hearted person... She told me to wait a bit, that her daughter will arrive there soon. Finally when she got there, everybody was having a lovely family reunion and then there was I, the confused lost party pooper. :|

I told my story and she started explaining the way, but I couldn't really follow what she said... It was late, dark and starting to get cold, prolly asked too much questions again... Tried to write sth down what she saied and suddenly she mentioned some kind of "oyster" tickets. Lul whut? Oyster? You mean those clams?

So another long explanation followed. Then I said, waaait... I dont need that. Im basicly here for one day. Finaly she pulled out a mini metro map from her pocket and after long hesitation she marked all the points on the map, where we were and where I should get off, and gave it to me. Everything was clear instantly. A real life saver! D:
So, she pointed the way, but ofcourse I was so inattentive from the big city lights (+a building was in the way...) and hesitentaly started walking... Hah, soon saw the le' big old entrance going underground and for a moment I actually knew where to go. xD

Oh god... I thought german stations were big and confuzling, but there were so many signs behind corners... D: Somehow found the ticket booths and after long walks, somehow got to the right platform and in time. Everything seemed to go smoothly, always kept an eye on the station names and the mini map. Everything was right until... I got off at the wrong stop. The very last stop to be exact. It was very late... Almost 10 o'clock. And... The station was emty, all the info booths were closed and only black ppl were on the streets. I was traumatised... D:
Where the heck am I now... In some kind of ghetto, thats where. :|

Oh, what a colourful part of the down that was. Some gangsta looking young nigga groups walking along the streets, at least three beggars approached me and mumbled sth (but I was too busy looking at the maps... xD), some woman walked by, wrapped in colourful plastic bags, carring bottles, some middle aeged woman groups were singing by the street. There was one alcohol shop nearby, so went there in hopes of getting directions. Well hallelujah, the hindu looking guy saied I'm at the wrong side of the river and hah... I had that simplified mini map and another was printed out from google... He only laughed at that and saided I need to go back three stops and ask for futher instructions there, becuz... Google maps are the last things you can trust. :D

So! Went back, only passangers were black guys... again... I was so creeped out... :ohnoes:  Got down at the right stop, but it was way past the time I should have arrived, so yeah... As before, everybody had vanished somewhere... D: Found someone at a nearby bus stop and asked that guy if he could help. His english wasn't the best, but I understood that I need to ride two stops with any kind of bus that would arrive after his from there. Ehm... Right. Then came another younger black guy at the stop... Eating peanuts! :D Another very friendly and talkative one... ._. But he had a nice beige suit. xD  
I'd get lost either way if I wont ask again, explained my story again, showed what hotel I need to get to. At first he was talking something about the same named club, but eventually he got what I meant. He saied, that taking a bus is a must, because he is a local but even he goes with the bus at this time of hour.  Great. ._. The bus arrives and whoopdiduu~ I need an Oyster card (bought a single hour ticket intead before), but the black guy talked me out of it, saied I only need to ride one stop and didn't have to buy a bus ticket. c:

Finally, something familiar~ I "looked" around the hotel in google street view before, so that place was recognisable. ^^ Went the way it seemed logical and then... Didnt know if I should turn left or right... A moody black couple approached and hah... I've been asking for directions from the wierdest peeps, so *le poked* them too. The hotel was called "Ibis" btw and it was just after the damn gas station, behind all the threes and bushes. When I went in there, two girls walked past, one with pink wig and other wearing neko ears, yeah... Finally... I was at the right place. Got the key for my room... I made it! It was around 11.30 pm and Im alive! :faint:

I was just happy to finally be at my room, so! Took all my shiz out from the bags and checked the transport damage. Nothing that bad. Scrathes here and there, the P90 suffered the most- there was a pretty big hole on the side of it and some white scratches. D: I had a black marker, but fudge... Forgot to bring acrylics... -.- The helmet didnt work at first, but after nudging the batteries and some wires, it lighted up.

Ehm... Also had to fix the legs part- had to sew some velacro pices and snaps (16 pices, by hand... it takes time ya kno) It was already late and then discovered that the TV works and after clicking through all the channels, it was ~2 am. o.o I hadn't done anything... D:


Psh~ Got to sleep for four hours. Thought I'd make some coffee, but... The plugs are different in England... Deem. No coffee nor noodles for me. xDD Totally forgot about that. .____.

Saw other EC qualifiers for the first time. The only one I recognised was Livia, or maybe better know as ShinjusWorkshop? Ehh... The morning passed really quickly, before I knew it, most of the guys had already gone to the ExCel center, so I was "lost" gain... -.- There were some EC staff guys still eating, asked them but gaahhh... they started arguing with eachother and blabbered about everything else that giving directions... Luckily... Again... There was one more "late" cosplayer and she knew the way, so happily hopped beside her.

Also explored The ExCel center in Google Street view, so sth looked familiar, but deem again... Absolutely all the halls, doors even the signs looked the same, so even she was confused where to go next. There guards had already started searching though the visitors and oh god... How long that was... D: Thankfully, we stumbled on some EC staff guys again and got to go through some back doors. Saw a bit of the expo and couldn't help staring at everything with sparkly eyes. :dummy:

We were shown our changing rooms and evetually all the cosplay bags and backages were carried to the second floor. Ready? Set... And change to cosplay!

Not the best pic, I kno.  ._.  Hah... Everybody was more recognisable now. xD

I was one of the first to get the costume on, so took a stroll at the opened con. :la:

The first thing I see... THE METAL GEAR RISING BOOTH RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! A LIFE SIZED STATUE OF OLD SNAKE AND WHAT IZ THIS... BIG BOSS IN A BOX?! (he was in the box first) My fangirly heart seriously kicked the bucket right there.  xDD

So... Not to compleatly kill you with pics and the text, I'll try to make it short from here... :DD

Saw a lot of way too awesome cosplays, too much merch to look at, saw way too many familiar deviantart artists and saied sth along the lines "OHMG UR ART IZ SO AWSUM~ ME LIKE~  IM YOUR WATHER AT DA AND ITZ SO AWESUM TO MEET U IN PERSONz~~" :dummy:  
No really. :|

I dont even... :facepalm:

But those DA "celebrities" wouldn't recognise a small fry like me anyway...

My favorite pic:  :giggle:

And this is just a quater of the whole thing. c:

AND! The second high-lightable event: The Metal Gear Anniversary cosplay contest.
What were the odds, that they would hold an anniversary cosplay con, right there, right that day and I was there... with my MGS cosplay... was the EC qualifier with it... right this... friggen... year... OH, ILOVE YOU COINCIDENCE!

The whole gang that showed up for the event:

Welp... I won the MGS cosplay competition on Saturday! :la:
And oh boy... I was so suprised when I heard, that the life sized Old Snake figure was the main prize. xD I heard it was supposed to be a figure, but... LIFE SIZED? :ohnoes:
Where the hell am I supposed to put it, moreover the transprot is an all time nuisance.

So... I "swapped" the figure for the upcoming Metal Gear Rising europe collectors edition (with a white Raiden figure <3) and hopefully will get some other MGS Play Arts Kai figures. I really, really, really hope this decision is worth it and that I recive it when the game is released. :fear:

My heart belongs to the Metal Gear series and to own figures of it~  Ahh~ It would be a dream come true~

Already making the cosplay of my beloved game was an amazing experience, but also... The opportunity to take part of it and win this "mini contest", you guys have no idea what I feel. *reliving through memories* :happycry:

And then... THEN. I dropped my helmet. :|
There is a huge crack on the back side, all the batteries flew out and for a moment it looked like it won't light up again for the main event. D: Hah... Got it somehow working, but the crack is still there + grabbed the helmet pretty badly once and pressed one of the plastic "glasses" in... It broke too, but luckily it's not visible from the photos. Oh yes, and then also broke two of my "nails" on the shoes. Oh yay. Just before the judging too. :D One of the judges was stading behind me all the time and I bet he was looking at that huge crack on the helmet. -.-
Thank god the EC guys bought lots of hot glue sticks.

Uhhh... Okay... This is already one long journal... Well, the rest of the day went as planned, performed my lil' failed performance at the stage *compleatly messed up the dance steps- that one of the reason why I haven't written this journal before*

The show was amazing in live... The youtube videos really take the effects of the costumes and performances away... Now I get it why it seems like some didnt put that much effort in their costumes- or the opposite the weaker costumes seem better- it's because of video. It doesnt capture the atmosphere over there.  :I

But the vid is here, if you really want to see it after this long wall of text :3
Uhm... On a second thought... It was pretty horrible. No link. Sorry. -.-



Right. The plane left early, so had to get up before 5 am, called the taxi and oh trolly morning~ It was exactly rhe day when clocks were turned back an hour, didn't mess up the time tho. xD

When I got down with my bags the taxi was already there. I was staring confused at the car... There was no driver.... And then the hotel manager came to me and said, "Well, here is your taxi. Now you have to drive it yourself"  WHUUUUT?! :|

"B-But I dont have drivers licence, in fact I've never ever evrer driven a car in my life" I said.
"No worries. This is England. You can drive a bit differently here. Besides, it's a Mercedes, they basicly drive automatically"
Whaaaaaat.... O.o

So after almost freaking out, the taxi driver came out behind a corner, madly giggling and finally told, it was a joke. :trollface:

Gee... Thanks. -.- And off we go the plane station. Oh right, then the plane flight was delayed because of some malfunction and we had to wait 2 hours before taking off. Yay.

Okay... Dont know who I wrote it for, but there you have it.

Also... Sorry for all the typos. ^^;
Aand a link :
My made pics at the EC and London Expo:…

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Kiriban Caught!

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 17, 2012, 6:30 AM
Oh yes~ There was someone who caught exactly 33.333! :excited:

Caught by :iconwinged-warrior:! :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:

:iconlawooplz: CONGRATZ!:iconlawooplz:

As for others all I can say is... Better luck next time? ^^;
Good luck with catching other deviants kiribans~ ;)

Apparently I wont announce another kiriban so soon tho, since Im thinking of the number 44.444 now and considering it took 3 months with this one... Yeah...xDD

Omg... A DD... :D

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 12, 2012, 10:34 AM
What iz this? : D
I got a heart attack just from looking that my inbox number had randomly exploded... :faint:

STelari is the one responsible. :hug:
And the featured arwork is this~

Oh~ I just love good out of the blue suprises like this~
Thank you all for all the faves, watches and feedback! :flirty:

Kiriban @ 33 333

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 3, 2012, 7:16 AM
Hello all~ Despite all the things Ive got to do, Im still bored... So! Lets do a lil' kiriban run~ :la:

Everybody knows the rules?

Whoever is the  33 333th pageviewer, take a screenshot and send it to me in a note or post it under here and I'll paint you a watercolour painting with simple-ish BG~
An OC pic, fanart or sth semi-realistic- the call is yours~ ;)

Since Ive heard, that sometimes there has been more than one who cought the kiriban, then the winner is the one who sent/commented first. :icondummydanceplz:

'from Sketch to Finish' blog~

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 2, 2012, 8:33 AM
Heya~ So, after procasinating with this thought for almost a year, I finally made a blog where I will post all kind of artworks progress (as the name mentiones) from the sketch all the way to the final result. :)

Yea... There isn't much varied stuff right now, but I will always mention under the deviations artist comments if Ive posted the progress of it at my blog. ^^

I dont know how about you, but I think its interesting to see how an artwork has progressed.
I have some awesome projects to finish and upload over there~ ;)

Stay tuned and feel free to follow~ :iconcocoloveplz:

Name Change

Journal Entry: Thu May 17, 2012, 4:36 AM
FINALLY! Is all I can say. Finally, after three years I can redeem my recklessness and write my username with proper capitals. :la:

Heh... I must say, Im very pleased with this option, but now when I look at all the new notices of name changes... Well, there A LOT new names to remember and I think theres gonna be hell of a lot confusion with associating the artists and their new names. I mean... I get already confused when someone changes their icon! D:

Tho... Now that I think more about it, it would be nice to have my real name as a username. But then again... My name is pretty long, hard to remember and the short version Si3 (what-I-oh-so-eagerly-want) is an unactive accounts name I will never have... :<

Oh well, guess you will forever remeber me as James Bond Black Butterfly. :giggle:

6 years of Moeke

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 8, 2012, 9:14 AM
Ive been participating in the fashion competition "MOEKE" for 6 years now. :)
I think this desrves featuring in a seperate journal, so here ya go~

And beware, I already have plans and even the material for next year~ c: