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steampunk notebook

By Si3art
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A steampunk style notebook! :iconwuvplz:

I adore steampunk so, so, so much!!!:heart: Its style is just so awsome :D Yay 4 steampunk!!! :w00t:

The whole book is made by me. Its size is A6. Its covered with fake leather and yes, theres actually used real clock cogs!!! :boogie: The wing are painted with black and gold acrilics. In the edges there are used some metal rivets. I even cutted out all the pages and joined them together with a strong thread. The inside pages edges are burnt to make it look a little bit more antique, old :giggle:

Inside of the notebook [link]

The only thing what I aint pround of is the rivets... I mean I bent the other tips a little bit too much and I think you can see that mistake in full size.:depressed: But still, so far this is the bestest notebook Ive ever done so far.:D It 3rd. First was epic fail, 2nd... you dont wanna see...But this! Yea Im proud of this one;p

Its going to be my new sketch book :la:

Opinions welcome! :wave:
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This is gorgeous
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Ohhh I love this! =D The burnt paper is an excellent touch too!
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beautiful work on here ;3
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Thank you! :meow:

Tho, have to mention, I couldnt really carry it always with me cuz the lil gears either scratched all the other books and stuff I had in my bag or the gars got gaught with "the other stuff" and 2 lil gears came off beacuse of that... D: Its more of a "pretty thing" than actually always-carry-around-everyday sketchbook. :/
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Woahh, I'd love to be able to do stuff like this. Inspiring work. :iconblackheartplz:
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Thank you~ ^^
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awesome!, i was looking for some ideas for my boring notebook, this will hep me so much, but not with leather, i want something in watercolor
but great GREAT! job!
ure so creative! :D :D (Giggle)
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Glad to hear that my work can be inspiring! :love:

Thank you for the comment!:la:
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:O Thats brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you very much!:heart: :la: :heart:
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i would pay a lot for this beautiful creation that has decended from heaven. you have amazing skill.
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Uhh... LOL. Ok, yeah... decended from heaven...:lmao:

Hahahaa... Thx a lot for this comment!^^ I have to admit, u just made my day.:giggle:
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you are very welcome. i'm not kidding though it is very very beautiful.
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In that case, thanks again!:heart:
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you are very very welcome
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Thank you!^^
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you're very welcome.
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That's beautiful!
Do you do comissions? Something like this would be perfect a guest book for my wedding in June.
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I would love to!:heart:
But do u kno that the shipping... well sending it to UK from estonia will cost hell of alot.:( And I dont have free time right now before the end of the March... So... Another problem would be the paying part `cause I dont have a credit card, Pay pal or sth similar to that... SO after counting all of those problems then I guess I should decline.
Besides Im sure you have some friends or know someone whos a profesional at doing theses books. You could just show them this kind of design and ask a profesional do that for you.:)
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Well thank you for considering it anyway!
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The heart is amazing :shocked:! So much detail! And mistakes? What mistakes? I see none! Only lots of wonderfulness can describe this book :hug:!
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