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I have finally gotten around to updating my website. Background has changed and other things have been done to make it work better. New animations being put up this week. Also I have two completed music videos which will be released sometime soon.

This blog has been going for a while but I haven't promoted it that much. I use it as a place to put all of my album covers for noise/power electronic/industrial/black metal releases and for darker personal work. Most things I'll still probably put on this site but not everything.

Si Clark

I have just spent ages putting a lot of my illustrations (new and old) into my print store here. There are quite a few now. If there are any illustrations that you want as prints that aren't available elsewhere then let me know.

Si Clark

Just a short post to say I have uploaded three of my recent animations onto my website. These are better quality than the ones on my YouTube page.…

Si Clark

One of my drawings is being auctioned off for charity. The piece is 'Staring At The Stars'. All of the money raised goes to help United Youth Development Organisation (UYDO)

The link to the auctioned artwork on e-bay is:…

You can find out more about the charity here:


Si Clark
A design I created for Rock Skin is now on sale. The design comes as a sticker which can go over an i-phone, i-pod and some Blackberry models. You can see it here:

Thank you to anyone who voted for it, much appreciated.

Si Clark

I have some of my illustrations on a site called Dog Tag Art which basically produce little tags which you can put on your pet's collar or wear them yourself I guess.

You can find about them here:…

I have my work avaiable for prints on two new sites. Some of the prints were available before but the site closed down so I have transferred them to these ones.

Will have new ones in the near future.


I vote for art:………

Si Clark
I've been meaning to put this up for a while but have been pretty busy.

The link above is a lo-res clip of one of the episodes for the show I worked on for Nickelodeon. I did the concept artwork, character design, animation (for about half of the episodes, including the one here) and the 2D backgrounds (the lighting, special effects, 3D work and all the rest of the animation were done by Luke Rushworth). For the backgrounds in Blood and Guts' room the shapes were created in 3D (not by me) and were flattened and passed over to me. I then coloured and added my texture to the flattened shapes which were then wrapped around the 3D shapes.

Possibly going to be a second series, not sure, will post news when I hear it.


Si Clark

A poster of 'Through Chaos I will rise' (it is the main image on my page) is available through the website Art Below ( There is an email address on the page where you can find more information out.

Si Clark
New prints will be available soon from Click for Art.

You can see the new ones that will be available from their new brochure-…

Three of my paintings which are currently in an exhibition in Seattle are available to buy from the gallery's website.

Artificial Warmth:…

Fidelity Lost:…

Blackened Mind:…

All pieces come framed.


Si Clark
I have been working my ass off since about April on this show for Nickelodeon which is being shown this Saturday at 10am (UK). The show is called Ross Lee's Ghoulies and is a live action show which has cartoons within it. We have done the animated intro sequence and a mini cartoon called 'Blood and Guts'. I have done the concept artwork and character design so it looks a lot like my style of work. The characters are 2D but all of the backgrounds are 3D.
I have an exhibition in Seattle in October. It is called 'Mecha/Organic' and runs from October 10th through to November 7th at:

Suite 100 Gallery
2222 2nd Ave, Ste 100
Seattle, WA 98121

The paintings of mine in the exhibition will be:

Blackened Mind
Fidelity lost
Artificial warmth

For more details go to:…
BlueFlip Art,…, is closing at the end of July so if you want any prints from there I advise getting them soon.



Just a quick note to say two new prints are availble to buy at Blue Flip Art.…

Just to say there is a tutorial I did for Advanced Photoshop magazine which is out now. It's issue 43 on page 50 and is the tutorial for the 'Hope' illustration in my gallery.
Three of my illustrations are going to be in an exhibition at:

Orleans House Gallery

The exhibition runs from 5th April- 15 June 2008. The illustrations are:

Modern Life- Apathy
Modern Life- Fear
Modern Life- Surveilance

These are being sold as framed one off prints.
Hello everybody,

A new site has opened up called BlueFlip Art and they are selling 4 different prints of my work. Please check it out at:…


I have been working with fellow Deviant Art member L 'Heretique and we have a book coming out soon. It contains 35 of his poems and around 15 illustrations by me. The poems are in French and English and the illustrations are black and white. A couple examples of the illustrations can be found in my gallery. The book will be out at the end of May.

For more information about the book and how to order please go here-…