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Flat Earth Society by Si2 Flat Earth Society by Si2
Flat Earth Society by Si2 (print image)


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Illustration for an article about the Flat Earth Society. If you know anyone who belongs to this group please punch them in the face. I got so wound up doing this illustration thinking about how moronic their beliefs are.

Basically they believe that the earth is in fact flat. That it is a disc shape similar to what I have illustrated. There is a ring of rock or ice around the edge which stops all of the water from draining away. Strange that no-one has actually seen this 'edge', strange that no-one has ever taken a picture of it and that no satellites have picked it up.

The obvious problem of gravity is explained by the fact that the disc is travelling upwards at a great speed which would create gravity through g-force I imagine. The sun and the moon orbit around the disc.

The main problems I have with this theory, apart from the fact that it's utter bullshit, is firstly where is the south pole on this flat earth map? How do they explain the maps of the south pole and how it isn't a big ring? Secondly, if the sun orbits around the disc then how do they explain how when it is day-time in England it is night-time in Australia. If the world was completely flat then the entire world would be lit at the same time until the sun went underneath the disc casting the entire world in darkness at the same time. Thirdly, if world was completely flat you wouldn't have a horizon, you would be able to see an incredibly long way which would only be effected by the atmosphere. I'm obviously missing out all of the mathematical evidence that proves the world is in fact a sphere and of course all of the photographic evidence.

They explain away all of the photographs by saying 'well, you can create anything with computer graphics'. Maybe today you can but computer graphics were pretty crappy in the 60s when they first went into space. But the most important question that I haven't managed to find an answer for is WHY would they fake all of these photos? What would scientists have to gain from covering up that the world is in fact flat?

These people are just attention seeking morons who deserve nothing but a punch in the face.

Sorry for the rant but idiots really annoy me.

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Given 2010-06-11
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May 10, 2010
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