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Finding peace in solitude

Illustration for UP magazine.

New print available here:

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© 2006 - 2021 Si2
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I just love how this piece makes me feel, so relatable.
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Where the sidewalk ends~
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fascinating, being so far on the edge...
I joined just to say that this has had a profound effect on me. I remember stumbling upon this awhile back while surfing and loved it, but skipped through sites like people do and lost it. Every now and then I would try to think of Google keywords to try and find it, , but no luck. Finally today I searched "solitude" and happily found it. The reason for the profound impact is; I recently lost my wife to cancer at only 40 years of age... I now have an 8 year old daughter to raise alone and I can truly relate to the work, I feel that I am alone and quietly contemplating life and existence while having a bunch of eyes watching my every move. The eyes have their own agendas and thoughts on how my daughter should be raised. The eyes say they are here to help me, but I can't help but feel that every move I make is being scrutinized and reviewed.

Amazing work...
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Brillant! This is me to a T.......
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I really like yous style, it's so inspirating!
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Hey Si,

Would you happen to have any videos of your work process? I love your style! You should check out some of Lawrence Yang's work as well. I find his work to have many similarities to yours.
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No I haven't got any videos sorry. I did a tutorial a while back for a Photoshop magazine but really didn't enjoy the process so I doubt I'll do any more in the future. The reason is I don't work in a very linear way, it's a bit all over the place, back and forwards a lot.

I hadn't heard of Lawrence Yang but just checked out a few of his images, looks good.

All the best,

Si Clark
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Thanks for the response =]
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You're welcome.
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[link] the music fits the image pretty well if you ask me :)
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Thanks for the link!
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I found this picture as the background image for the timeline frame of a Plurk layout. I too used Tineye to find the actual name of the image "Finding_peace_in_solitude_by_Si2.jpg" figuring it was probably from Deviant Art and then a google search lead me to your page here. I don't really have anything to say that anyone hasn't already.. it's just gorgeous. Very nicely done.
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Thanks very much
I found this image in a google search for 'solitude' and then used tineye to trace it back to you. I love your style, but this particular piece is my favorite.
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Thank you very much!
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I love the cameras pointing at him. It reminds me of the novel "1984."
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Thank you very much.
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Amazing stuff mate. :D
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