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Time War
What have I seen?
I have seen ancient beautiful cultures,
Swept from existence.
I have seen unending death-
I have seen countless millions killed
And brought back to life every second,
In an endless cycle.
I have seen unimaginably vast fleets,
Clash in the maelstrom of the shattered aether.
I have seen the Omega Arsenal unleashed
As millions of Bowships, Blackhole Carriers, N-forms
And planetary systems fell into the vortex of conflict.
I have seen the clockwork of the cosmos
Thrown into ruin.
I have seen every moment in time and space,
Burn as the skin of eternity fell to ash…
What have I faced?
I have faced the Horde of Travesties
And the jaws of the Nightmare Child,
At the gates of Elysium.
I have faced the Could’ve Been King
And his army of meanwhiles and neverweres.
I have faced the Skaro Degradations
And the full might of the Deathsmiths of Goth
And I have faced that which is most fearful of all-
I have faced myself…
What have I known?
I have known a universe co
:iconsi-aidra:Si-Aidra 15 12
The Movie House
Dark little scraps of celluloid
On the cutting room floor,
Creatures of the void
And gratuitous gore.
A pure scene
Scream queen,
A piercing scream
Up on the silver screen.
Lovers in a parked car,
We know they don’t get far.
Projector reels
And demonic seals,
The gates of Hell
And a putrid smell,
Spilt popcorn and juju beans,
Slashers and assorted fiends.
There is terror in the aisle,
It looks like the bones have
Been there awhile
But you won’t tell,
You have lost a lot of blood
And you don’t look so well…
:iconsi-aidra:Si-Aidra 4 7
Mature content
Needles and Pills :iconsi-aidra:Si-Aidra 3 2
The Bestial Moon
The bestial moon grins at me
And derides me-
Mocks me!
Seemingly so slight an evil…
But I have seen its insidious nature.
Its cunning!
And now it howls at me!
Its teeth struggle
With maniacal force and fury,
To gnash and rend me!
All of its strength and menace,
Blaze cataclysmic vengeance upon me!
It pulls all of the world’s tides,
To cover me-
To pull me under and drown me!
That gibbous dooming orb,
Has done this to me!
…Vainly do I struggle with the restraints,
As the doctors prep the electroshock device.
They think me a mad sufferer
And I cannot persuade them otherwise…
There is a disastrous stroke of lightening…
:iconsi-aidra:Si-Aidra 3 0
I Know
I know of darkness that was the womb
But I do not know this world cursed old,
It is a wandering delusion full of great cataclysms
That are moments of awareness.
I know of darkness that is the night-
Forged and tempered into a blade
To war against the transgressions of the day
And strike down its self-righteous light
But I do not know peace
No I do not know this particular madness.
I know of darkness that is the hollow beneath the page,
Where the ink extends, deepens and alters the labyrinth
But I do not know my way out-
The path eludes me…
:iconsi-aidra:Si-Aidra 4 0
Defensive Pattern Kirk-Epsilon! by Si-Aidra Defensive Pattern Kirk-Epsilon! :iconsi-aidra:Si-Aidra 6 2 Apex Predator (Not!) by Si-Aidra Apex Predator (Not!) :iconsi-aidra:Si-Aidra 7 4
A thousand times a bewildering thought,
A spider turning and twisting in a web caught,
A perfect confusion learned
And a thousand times taught,
Tangled marionette strings in a tightening knot.
So distorted a state of scenes-
As from a fever teased,
Erratic ill and splendidly diseased
As I put ink to chaos and chaos to rhyme and reason
Such is the mind’s crowning season.
:iconsi-aidra:Si-Aidra 6 0
The Pale Woman of Na'su
Many things slither and crawl
Across the moor of Na’su
Under and through-
Bracken and Meadow Rue.
Nocturnal things suffer a figure to pass
Among Crowberry and Cotton-grass.
The night bows and does not resist
As a female form moves from shadow and mist.
The apex of myths baleful and dark
Beneath the malevolent Moon’s arc.
Here features an unnatural paleness assumed
As though in darkness long entombed
Yet holding still a supernal beauty unconsumed.
There is phosphorescence in the deep vault of her eyes
As the night wind wild and lamenting falls only to again rise
Disturbing the milling of Crane Flies.
Her naked skin is a white shroud a landscape of snow
As from the wildest cold spaces men know.
Her aspect though tells of a fiery hunt that wounded her in scores
As she chanced upon a great ursine uncharacteristic of the moors.
Its carcass lay in the distance the last remnant of blood drained
Telling of a predatory thirst no longer restrained.
Dark runnels of blood mingle and fr
:iconsi-aidra:Si-Aidra 8 2
The Colors Of Pain
The pain they say-
It is not real
It is only the echo of something else
It is only the shadow you feel.
They do not see its colors.
Black is the pain of slow necrosis and rot.
White is the pain of preserving cold and destroying frost.
Red is a sudden pain burning and searing hot.
Blue is the pain of melancholy and things lost.
Green is the writhing choking pain of poison.
Silver is the slicing cutting pain of a razorblade.
But pain can be colorless like a gnawing consuming acid
And already it has won.
:iconsi-aidra:Si-Aidra 6 3
It Sleeps! (Finally) by Si-Aidra It Sleeps! (Finally) :iconsi-aidra:Si-Aidra 4 1 Kovu by Si-Aidra Kovu :iconsi-aidra:Si-Aidra 6 5
Ink River
I have not a single serene thought,
Only a ceramic and brass inkwell
Turned on its side
And a black river that is the shadow
Of light.
My intellect is naught but an asylum
And there is a cry of Bedlam!
There is a sterling pen
Inlaid with mother of pearl
And so I write.
I write demons and devils.
I write longing and loss
And sorrowful revels.
I write consuming fire.
I write plagues of ash
And wrecking torrents of desire.
I write vistas and realms.
I write razed towers
And marching ranks of steel helms,
As the river of ink
Begins to stain and sink…
   …Into the wove paper of
                Time weighted elms.
:iconsi-aidra:Si-Aidra 5 2
As scribed in arcandritch scrolls,
Morsidious shades
And wretched tormensols
Wander restless the hollows of Te’gravall,
Where the dust of bones is a sorrowlent pall.
No words intrude
Within the solendstill vaults.
There is no concept of time or magnitude
For the guests of Death’s sepulchral waltz
Only the terridark silence of solitude
And the company of mute horrighasts that crawl-
Wildly from the very cracks of lonelost Te’gravall.
:iconsi-aidra:Si-Aidra 0 0
Gods More Pale Than Stars
Because her gods were more pale than stars
A thin frail little girl hurled a word to kill the sun
Silence unraveled and the heavens were undone.
All the towers of the world rang a solemn bell
And the heavens wept as darkness fell,
Because a thin little girl had been wings
Across the limits of the sky
When her gods had been too frail to try.
Seeing clearly her gods as motes in her eye,
A little girl felt all faith and all of love die,
But was stronger than their abuse and cruelty-
Always she was more than what they would let her be
Always she saw beyond what they would let her see.
Greater than the sum of their betrayal
A thin frail little girl was a brightness
That made all the stars of the void pale.
:iconsi-aidra:Si-Aidra 9 0
Stone of Ire
A single stone of ire cast.
There is a world of glass
Never was it meant to last.
A thousand brilliant panes
Fragmenting into wounding rains.
I feel their piercing stains
And see a facet of a world’s pains.
A thousand slivers like stars
On the black floor of hope
The remains of this broken world of ours.
:iconsi-aidra:Si-Aidra 4 0



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Michael Nurmi
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
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ARROGANCE: (on vacation in another country) “wow, look at all the foreigners!”

KNOWLEDGE: “This is their native country so in reality it is you who are the foreigner.”



IGNORANCE: “I’m a proud African-American.”

KNOWLEDGE: “What part of Africa do you come from?”

IGNORANCE: “I do not come from Africa I was born in the United States of America.”

KNOWLEDGE: “Do you speak any African languages?”


KNOWLEDGE: “Do you practice any African religions?”


KNOWLEDGE: “Do you follow any African traditions?”


KNOWLEDGE: “Do you cook any African dishes at home?”


KNOWLEDGE: “Do you wear any African styles of clothing?”

IGNORANCE: “No that shit is lame I wear Nike.”

KNOWLEDGE: “If you do not share in the culture of Africa, how can you possibly claim to be “African”-American?”

IGNORANCE: “Because I’m black.”

KNOWLEDGE: “The term “African” refers to the culture of Africa not skin color or genetics. If you do not share the culture of Africa you cannot possibly be African-American, you are simply American.”

IGNORANCE: “you’re a racist bastard and probably a communist!”

KNOWLEDGE: “A racist believes their race to be superior to all other races and yet the planet Earth has but a single race dwelling upon it the “Human Race”, since there are no other races besides our own I cannot possibly be racist nor can any other Human for that matter, there are simply no other races to claim superiority over.

IGNORANCE: (Silence)

KNOWLEDGE: “The original meaning of communism is simply a form of government that provides for the needs of the people so well that the people no longer have need of a government because all their needs are met. No government in history has ever been communist. Societies that provide for all of the needs of all of the people only exist in science fiction, so I cannot possibly be a communist nor can anyone else since communism has never been achieved by Humans and is not likely to exist for thousands of years the way things are going now, if it is even achievable at all.

IGNORANCE: (Silence)



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