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Filled Monster High Meme



belongs to Mattel

Cleo; she's an insecure, loud, disillusioned brat but just watch her's adorable.

Abbey; tough as a steal, funny as Adam Sandler and has the most useful power.

Spectra; I love the color purple and spies.

Jackson Jekyl; He's not a monster, and he really suffers from that. poor sweetie.

Claire; doesn't have a doll and that's because she's unlike any of the other girls. No skimpy dresses, cynical attitude and bleak outlook. (but not a bad person at all)

Deuce; It's like Ken got cool, with endearingly difficult powers and good clothes.

Toralai; who doesn't like a juvenile delinquent who's always spouting cat puns?

Heath; also doesn't have a doll, but the funniest character of all. He's sexist, clumsy, destructive....

Robecca; she's just WOW to look at!
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Hahaha, "Deuce: it's like Ken got cool"

i am so making a demoter with that