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Broken Mirrors

Yandere-chan apparently like bashing other girls' faces into the bathroom mirrors. But that's okay, it's all in the name of love <3

Another work for Yandere Simulator!
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This is beautiful!

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Her soulless eyes are killin' me...

Hi, can i use this picture too? I want to use this in a music video. 
If you not want i promise i remove it.  (Sorry i not really good at english.)
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I have a question. Can I use this picture in a Ren'py Visual Novel. I apologize for the fact I already put it in, but I promise to remove it if you don't want it in it. Here's a link to the game if you want to see it.…
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at last i found the artists of this cool art
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remember...yandere chan is a monster
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This is so amazing!!!! I've seen this picture in a couple of yandere devs videos and I hunk they are just so good!!! ;)
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Wow, YandereDev uses most of your pictures.
Ever since I saw this in a Yandere Sim Video, I've been wondering who made this.

Well done! :D
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Woah, amazing.
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I'm so jelly! That really good .o.
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I never meant to call you out~
I'll always see behind your smoke and mirrors~
Oh sweetheart please don't yell at me,
It really isn't hard to see,
The truth that's rotting underneath.

Sorry, couldn't resist...
WingsoFreedom5324's avatar
No need to apologize! It's a really great song :>
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Looks fitting for a game over screen.
Remember, Yandere-chan is not a good person. She is a monster.
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This is very gorgeous!<3
But somebody is altering your art and posting it and claiming it has theirs! ;0;
Lovesick Monster
SpikyFeather's avatar
I suggest you to look at the "altering art" again and look at the description.
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Ummm the deviation was deleted ;;
ivrinne's avatar
Oh I'm very sorry to do this! ;;
I just wasn't sure, I hope you understand ;0;
SpikyFeather's avatar
You should be more careful. (Read descriptions and ask about the art first.) But it's fine, everyone makes mistakes.
ivrinne's avatar
Yeah I should ;w;
I will thank you for the advise and details<3
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