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The Princess Twilight Cometh



Bad title, bleh xD

Finally some personal, canon art.

Sorry commissioners ;_;
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The aspect that first captures my attention with this piece is the top of her front leg - the colors simply feel too bright, almost like the top of her leg is glowing slightly. I think a slightly darker color matching her rear leg or the rest of her front leg would be more appropriate

Other than that, the colors look pretty clean overall: the various regions of her body flow together well, and her hair shine is reasonable. It looks to me like you spent a majority of your time on the shading on this piece. Her hair and magic appear much simpler and almost juxtaposed with her body. Where her body looks smooth, solid and realistic, her horn and magic are colored with much more basic effects. Due to the way her horn meets her hair, it almost feels like a cardboard cutout. I'd suggest experimenting with some additional shine and magic effects - what you have here appears satisfactory to me, but I think there are other options that could look better.

The proportions work quite well for this pose. Her hair juts out almost comically far, which I think helps bring the focus away from her body and balance out the work somewhat. Her head/snout do appear rather small, I'm not sure if that was a conscious decision or not, but it is noticeable. Sometimes that's used to accentuate the body, but I feel you've gone a tad too far with that effect if that was drawn by choice.

I'm a bit indifferent on the extra hair added to her legs, it does add a nice touch of detail to the work, though I feel like the hair itself pulls too far away from the body. In particular the hair around her hooves looks like it's pointed 20 degrees away from the direction of her leg, rather than the 5 degrees or so I'd expect. Perhaps that is due to the wind... it just feels a tad odd for one clump of fur to be pointed in such a distinct direction without anything really in between the two bodies of hair (there's no hair sticking between the two groups, the group blowing in the wind simply separates cleanly from the hair on her leg). The furry ears look spot on though.

A minor point, but the cutie mark appears stretched vertically and a bit low on her leg. I don't think that's terribly noticeable, but it is apparent after viewing this work for a short while

The one detail I can't recall ever seeing elsewhere is the way her hair casts a shadow over her eyes. It seems like a small thing, yet I can't recall seeing a work that has done that before - typically anime have eyes that appear through hair or hair that partially obscures the eye, but I've never seen the shadow cast over the eye itself. I think it adds a nice touch of realism to the character.

Overall I think this work shows a lot of improvement over your recent work. Your shading looks better and the hair is going in the right direction, though I'd personally favor something with more subtle brush strokes. The hair and proportions came out really well here. The evenly spaced radial light-purple lines along her iris are a little unrealistic, I'd suggest grouping them a bit less evenly or trying an alternative iris coloring scheme - currently it looks like she's looking at an explosion and it's reflected in her eyes. I also like how you do dark-purple outlines and have a thin line of light-purple just next to the outline, that effect works quite well in your artworks. The background is rather simple, but that appears intentional.

Looks great, keep up the good work <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/>