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Shaded Chasm Prototype

Prototyped this test in StencylWorks today. Just putting my sprites into something playable.

WASD keys for movement, hold down SHIFT to sprint, and there's a slide sprite if you hit the opposite direction while sprinting. No jump or attack yet.
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really cool stuff
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very nice! two things though (and you probably already realized this): the slide sprite appears as soon as you start sprinting, and when you change direction, it should probably be facing the other way, with the momentum of the sprint. Looks good though!
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Apparently the slide sprite appears if you go straight from the idle to the sprint. Maybe I can make it so that it requires you to be walking before it allows you to sprint. I'm sure that would fix it. And good catch on the direction of the slide sprite!! Totally didn't realize that 'til you mentioned it.