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A boy is singing a national anthem

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Feb 21, 2014, 2:52:18 PM
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Take care Venezuela and Ukraine. The world is watching and praying for you. 
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CNN LIVE just say that in Venesuela people fight for the same think like "those brave souls in Maidan"...!
they say that its clear that Crimea is already losten to russia,befor voting is even finished!
they show lot of people protesting in favor of russia,and that there is almost noboy proesting in favor ofUkraina...
now they already ask who is going to join against Putin...like Poland!
America cant wait to put them hands on the guns,but that mean WWIII !!! - in my opinion...

if You can,tell me what is going on from Your point of view...
greetings to all of You guys!
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I think Crimea has no future as the part of Russia. People who wanted Putin to safe them, do not know the laws of Russian Federation.
From now on, they can forget about the meeetings, about ever be autonomous again...because the law of Russia doesn't have this kind of option.
Russia is a police state...when you should serve to one king - Putin.
He made this classical oligarch circle which rules in Russia and devides all the money among people who are included in this circle.
They monopolised all the business and are intrested just in getting more money....
It;s to pity, that Crimea became the part of this ...
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Putin try to build his own imperium,but this time everybody watch him!!!

First it was put out off Russia,now it is Putin...

Putin - Putout...what's next on scamdual?!?

cold war getting hotter!

that's just cupple of toughts I have on this theme...

monopoly for power never last long...- too many of those, who want it!

- hehe! that should be our greeting on the end of every conversation! - hehehe!
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Аhahah))) yeah, that's a great slogan)
Thank you so much for your suppot and kind words!
I 'm so touched by your words that you've been worrying about me))))))****

I can understand what you feel about your family about the country you live in...but you know what's good?
Despite all this shit people are ready to fight, they want to speak and not to be afraid of what they think...
What we are having now...it's a revolution of concsience.

You know that finnaly were presented the names of the snipers who were killing the protesters. Also presented the names of their bosses. Now there is an investigation regarding those killers who run away in Crimea after shooting people. They are covering there now. And what's ineresting that absolutely all the documents of our Security Service were stolen and delivered in Crimea. Can you imagine? these are the documents of our secret service, with all the names , with the names of people who are working undercover... all security of our country is in the hans of russians...and now they will claim that they didn't plan to attack Ukraine?))))) ahahahahah))))

I will be glad to hear any news from you)))
Take care and good luck to you and your family)****
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thank You for Your kind words,and humor...in that situation especially! - hehe!

we didn't have to wait ling for the answer...next scam of Putin - prices of gas...
while Obama worry the world about nuclear terrorists...- here we have enough trables with the Gas Terrorist - Putin!

Ukraine! - go camping stile!!! - stick this gas deep in Putins...nose! - hehe!

good luck to all of You there!!!

ps.I did smell the trubles already few years ago,when they started the buisnes of selling gas from Russia to other countries in this underseawoter pipes,running them trough Baltic...right under the nose of Poland! - I just knew than,that it will be a trubles in some way on the sea in front of polish coast...but this what is happening now,is even worse than I imagen...and it still is tretening Poland...like I tought back then...

I was also right about Bush...akready befor he "winn" the elections! - I just knew.that the whole world is in the trubles!!! - just from looking at his facial expressions while he was talking! - I could see that he is saying something comoletly els,than what he had on his mind and truthly meant to do!!! - dubble toung!!! - snake!!! - that's mast be an insult to snakes!... - hehe!

hugs!!! Daga.
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The photos of Ukrainians toppling statues of Lenin gives me hope.
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congratulations on the DD! what a pity that even here "elder brothers" intermeddle with their poison
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Thank you so much)))
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we would be only proud to fight back. NO GIVE UP, NO SURRENDER ! ! !
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Obama is hiding under his desk.
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Ukrainian anthem
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This is intense!

Also, not to be rude, because I can appreciate the difference in our cultures,
but it literally looks like a post-apocalyptic setting, like in the Fallout game series
 (a motorcycle helmet can be used as armor in the game).

It's a beautiful photo. :heart: Meow Meow
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There are some place like this, but it is not everywhere))
The helmet- it is for protection
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I believe it is a sort of armor. This is the Ukraine, if I'm not mistaken. Google what's been happening there lately. :(
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I'm aware of what's going on. I watch international news on YouTube, so I know
what's going on over there, plus my mother's parents came from Russia,
and have family (cousins) in the Ukraine as well.

It's really sad, and if you look at other photos in this gallery, the place just looks so
depressingly dark and scary.

I feel really bad for kids over there right now. :heart: Meow Meow
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It looks creepy but in true, now there are a lot of people cleaning the streers in the center of the city, a lots of politics who are helping to rebuild the center with their own money. This is not what happens in all Kiev, it is just some streets in the center, where all riots were taken place.
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