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Brand new website, complete with all my art, music and love on it!

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My website is online as of 08-08-08!: I hope you'll all visit and join!  </p>The Book of Light...drawn from the shelves of the living library of universal consciousness known as the Akashic record...welcomes and entices you to remember that joyous creative unity follows divine self-love❤.  

At the, discover truths, ancient and modern, about life, love and peacefully coexisting creative realities.

Unravel the mysteries of time, multi-dimensionality and the reality of the new paradigm we are presently creating. Understand how being consciously aware of who and what we really are, allows us to create a utopia of compassionate unity.

We serve the divinity that resides in Divine-Creator-Light-Being-You ! Welcome to your book, it is dedicated to you, and is part of your journey home to Love.

I love you Divine One!

Welcome to my Gallery!  I hope you enjoy perusing my work. :-)  Please note, that everything in my gallery is copyrighted material and most items are available as prints.  Please see my stock-photo account here www.Book-of-Light-Stock.devian… for images that can be used in your deviations:


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I have a new gallery for stock images now.  It's here: Book-of-Light-Stock :iconbook-of-light-stock:  

I hope everyone will check out my stock photography and use my images in their work!  All deviants are free to use the images for their artwork as long as they credit me and let me know via comments and a link where the images are used.  This way I can also add your work to my faves!

It's my way of saying "thanks and I love you" to the deviantART community. :glomp: :love: :D
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Thu Oct 4, 2007, 4:07 PM
:love: :kiss: :hug: :glomp: :kiss: :love:

I am SO glad I joined this place!  I think I'm rapidly becoming addicted...which is ok by me!  The people are so friendly and welcoming and really all very talented.  I feel very much at home here. :D

I've decided that this will be my main ID for my deviations, but that I'll be adding another one for my stock images.  I have VAST amount of images that I think would work really well for other artists to use and I would like to give back to the community in this way.  :glomp:

A little about me, I paint using oils mostly and I airbrush using Paache VL's.  I also draw and sketch using pencils, charcoal, markers and ink.  I am new at digital art and photomanipulation, but I've been a commercial graphic designer for about 8 years now doing more boring stuff like print work, catalogues, brochures, AutoCAD and desktop publishing type stuff.  I really would really much rather do the digital fun stuff that I'm starting to do now.  I've never had any form of formal training in art...or even in graphic design.  I'm sure it's noticeable in some respects...  :crazy: I was pretty much born an artist and as soon as I could talk was claiming I wanted to be an artist when I grew up!  I'm a creator being!

I'm finding that all I want to do all day long is draw, paint, photo-manipulate and play on deviantART... finding and adding faves is FUN!  I have been getting such inspiration from fellow deviants.

BUT, alas, I have a day job where I work at home and a very busy 16 month old son so I DO have to do other work and play with my budding little deviant child....the latter, of course I do not mind doing. ;-)

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