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Inanna - Queen of Heaven

"Inanna is the Queen of Heaven and Earth and the Goddess of Love.  She is also Goddess of Grain, War, Fertility, Sexual Love, and perhaps best of all, Lady of Myriad Offices.  As noted in Archetypes, Inanna was known in Mythology as healer, lifegiver, and composer of songs; the keeper of emotions -- ranging from loving, jealous, grieving, joyful, timid, and exhibitionistic, to thieving, passionate, ambitious, and generous.  Inanna was eternally youthful, dynamic, fierce, sensuous, the harlot-virgin, never settled nor domesticated, magnetic, yet independent.  She was into fertility, order, war, love, heavens, healing, emotions, and song; always wandering, searching for her home, her power.  Ultimately, she was the embodied, playful, passionately erotic, feminine; the powerful, independent, self-willed, feminine; the ambitious, regal, many-sided feminine."  

If there is to be a Return of the Goddess, it will likely be Inanna -- accompanied and announced by Lilith.  The rest of the Anunnaki troop will likely simply step aside.  (Albeit, Ningishzidda might be in an honored place in the retinue.)   And with any luck, the Sacred Orgasm will find itself in the midst of many more lovers...." Read more on my friend Daniel's website:… (He is literally a PH.d of Nuclear Physics and an Engineer so he's smart!)

More about Inanna:…


"Inanna, Queen of Heaven" by Shylo Love

Inanna, also known as Ishtar, Aphrodite, Isis, Venus..... is known as the Goddess of Heaven, of Love, War and Fertility.

There is a fantastic essay on Inanna here on DeviantART by :iconel-sharra-elswhere: : [link]

Stock credit list:

Lion harness made from heart necklace from: :iconsheona-stock:

Pyramid base from: :iconvioletdawson: [link]

Interesting temple building and wings [link] from: :iconunholy-stock:

3D background with waterfall and foliage from: :iconiws-stock:

Body model from: :iconjust-a-little-knotty: [link]

Lion by: :iconnefarostock: [link]
Lioness by: :icongwenna-stock: [link]

The crown is a highly manipulated iStock photo purchase, ...... and I used Angelina Jolie's face....that is patently obvious I think!  She emulates in human form: the strong, beautiful, fierce, courageous, dynamic, magnetic, sexual, sensual, deep, powerful, creative, enigmatic, intelligent, out of reach, out of this world kind of being I would imagine the giant goddess from Nibiru may have been like...   If anyone knows how I can contact her to let her know about this use of her image.....let me know k? :D

The rest was either bought from stock providers, from the public domain or hand drawn. Hand drawn elements: Hair, staff thingy, makeup, harness parts and Inanna's 8 pointed star...

I cannot find where I found the bench to the left...if someone recognizes it please let me know!

Edits from previous versions: Warmer, softer overall feel.. fixed small details, changed colours... added Earth in the background...made background elements more coherent.. added updated info about me.(

I would really appreciate comments and suggestions! :hug:
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For you by Digithalie   So well done!! N1 by Digithalie  
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Thank you so much :D
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So welcome!!  :nodgiggle: