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The Science That Surrounds Us

This is a poster I created for my school for our end of the year performance. This year we will be creating our very own carnival and miniature river system.

Thank you to everyone on here who's stocks I used, this wouldn't have been possible without you. :heart:

Stock used:

Hot air balloons: [link]
Grassy Field: [link]
Field River: [link]
Mallard Duck: [link]
Tree: [link]
Clouds: [link]
Six Flags rides: [link]

*Other images are from google

Thank you :heart:
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nicely done!
Could you please tell me the name of the fonts you have used ?
(im sorry for my bad english)
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(As seen from top to bottom)

Champagne & Limousines
Market Deco

And as for the text, " Science/Surrounds Us" I'm unable to tell you because I don't remember and I don't believe it's download onto my computer.

Thank you for your comment and your English was perfectly fine!
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omg Amazing work
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Oh my, thank you so much. :)
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i like this style :D
ShyLittleArtist4's avatar
Thank you, I'm glad you like it. :)
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whoa, this looks amazing! :D
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u did excellent work here...gudluck dear
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I really love this.. your tinting and combining of the images works so well with the theme - I just keep staring at it. Very readable and interesting!
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It was meant to catch your eye! I'm very happy you enjoy it, thank you. :)
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Overall it looks lovely, good ideas and execution. Just a couple things, i think 4 different fonts is probably too many, 2 or 3 should be enough, and the text doesn't seem to fit that nicely on the banner. The 'US' is closer to the edge than the 'Surrounds' and the 'Science' is too big - do you see what I mean. They are only very small things though because overall it looks great! :)
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Thank you. I can agree on the font numbers, I guess I didn't think about it. And the words on the banner I had a really hard time with and truth be told I'm not 100% pleased with the how the words "Surround Us" turned out. By the end I was aiming to just get it done. Thank you for your comments. :)
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No problem! If you do banner words again or if you need words to go on a curve, you can use the pen tool to make a path of the curve and then select the type tool, click on your path and you will get the words to go along the path. Its a bit tricky at times but once you get used to it, I've found it useful. Hope this helps!
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I've typed on a path before, in fact I'm sure I tried it for this! Truth be told I'm no expert with typing on a path so I'm sure the more I use it the better I'll come to understand it. :)

Thanks for your advise!
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Brilliant vector work. What software did you use?
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Thank you. I used Illustrator CS4 for the ribbon then Photoshop CS5 for everything else. :)
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This is brilliant. The grain effect really adds to the composition and the text is perfectly fitting, as well as the ribbon. Overall, amazing manipulation and fantastic composition.
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Thank you so much! Fitting the text and finding the right style of ribbon was the hardest thing I've done in my life! It all paid off though. :)
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Excellent vintages effect and the photo-manipulation is impeccable :D
ShyLittleArtist4's avatar
Thank you so much :heart:
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This is interesting, with the aged texture on the photos. If gives it that classic early century carnival feel. The only concern that might pose a problem would be in the printing process. Did you make this in PS or ID, the banners look to be from Illus or they could be stock shapes from PS, check the the margins/bleeds around the borders. You also wouldn't see the drop shadow come off in the print process. There's some displacement with the text/proportion variations on the text with the banners, but that's just knit-picking. Is the "S" supposed to hang off as well? Some would disagree to put the banner in the middle, but I think it's a great placement there, it separates the two photos for two different reasons. I am curious as to the cursive font though. Have you test printed this out an inkjet printer yet? I had a friend attend PSU a while back, he said it was pretty good. I would start to familiarize yourself with ID, Illus, and PS if you haven't already. It's always nice to get a head start.
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Thanks for this comment. I did have this printed and you're right about the shadow on the banner, they did get a little cut off in the printing process. While I've had some of my works printed I'm still not too familiar with the printing process which is a shame. Being someone who does want to get into graphic design it's something I do really need to know. This was all mostly done in PS and saved for print in PS; would you suggest I take it into ID to put it into a document that would be bleed safe? ID seems like the right program to do that, but honestly I don't really use ID but I am very familiar with PS and Illus.

Now when it comes to the banner and the text inside it, that has a story. I struggled a lot with text placement in general on the over all thing but the banner was stressful because I had to bend the text which was hard for me because I'm not use to bending text like that. For myself, I love how the word "Science" looks in the banner I'm not too crazy about the words "Surrounds Us" though. I got lazy more than anything when I was coming to the end but I'm proud of it and my mentors thought it was great so I took it.

There's the life story of my poster!
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