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[MMD] iMarine Project Models/Motions +DOWNLOAD

By ShyGuyMMD
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Character  iMarine Project
Update 2: the dls are out!

CREDIT "iMarine Project" (SANYO) WHEN USING THIS (official site:

-Vol 1
iMarine Vol 1 Model:
iMarine 2017 Ver Model:
"Marine Dreamin'" Motion:
"Marine Dreamin' 2017 Ver" Motion:

-Vol 2
iMarine Vol 2 Model:
"Marine Bloomin'" Motion:

-Vol 3
iMarine Vol 3 Model + Umiko:
"Dive to Blue" Motion:

-Vol 4
iMarine Vol 4 Model:
"Deep Blue Town" Motion:
"Deep Blue Song" Motion:

-Vol 5
"Sea Breeze" Motion:
"Sunny Days" Motion:
"Marine Mirage" Motion:

NOTE 1: Those are all the official stuff that has been uploaded in the official sites. That means that noone has the officials iMarine Vol 5/Vol 6 Models, "Stand Up! Blaze Up!" Motion or stages used in official videos.

NOTE 2: Cameras, Facials and Hands Motion for some motions can be found online.

NOTE 3: It looks like this models/motion shouldn't be redistributed(I'm not sure). Anyway, the official links have benn shut down because the site has been updated a lot, so I don't think it's a bad thing redistribute them. Anyway, if iMarine Project wants me to delete this I'll delete the DLs.


Update: the site has been updated and it looks like the official links don't work anymore :(
The site says "Coming Soon". I think it will be vol. 6 or something like that so maybe they will put back the dl. Also they didn't put for DL the vol 5 models :( I hope they will in the future.

If you want the iMarine Project MMD stuff, it's all for download here:       …

You can find here:

-iMarine Vol2
-Marine Bloomin' Motion
-iMarine Vol3
-Dive To Blue Motion
-iMarine 2017
-Marine Dreamin' 2017 Motion
-iMarine Vol4

How to download: you should find the names of the songs. Under the names there are 2 or 3 japanese words: "MMDデータ" is the model for the song and "モーションデータ" is the motion.

Unfortunately there is no download for the model iMarine Vol 1.


All the motions exept DEEP BLUE TOWN and DEEP BLUE SONG work only for T-pose models. If you want a motion that works with A-pose models, I found 2 of them in Bowlroll:

Marine Bloomin' Motion here:

Password here:…

Dive To Blue Motion here:

Password here:…

IMPORTANT: you must have an account Facebook or Twitter to download these 2 motions.

If you want the newest iMarine Project MMD stuff, you can find it here:

You can find:

-Sea Breeze Motion
-Sunny Days Motion
-Marine Mirage Motion


Model and motions: iMarine Project (SANYO)
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GomPlayer 2, 2, 76, 5239 (JPN)
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Jul 5, 2016, 4:09:42 PM
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RenRen-PNew Deviant

Edit the link because there's a different place my actual website is at:

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RenRen-PNew Deviant

cause stash doesn't work for some people i've heard

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Yea that's true, sometimes stash does not work and you have to retry many times :(

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seleneyhtNew Deviant

DL thx

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Can you Reupload Motion data from it's all 404 now, or it's only me? (i recommended mediafire no expire link download)

edit : oh nvm, i've tried to use dekstop developer mode and switch it to mobile preview and it can be downloaded

ShyGuyMMD's avatar

Sometimes stash does not work... It happens to me too :(

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Finally found this! Thanks for your upload.

ShyGuyMMD's avatar

No problem :)

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Hello ^^! Did you have the: iMarine Model? The official Page doesnt exist and i cant download the Model of iMarine ! Please help me out! :3 (Doesnt work always 404 Error)

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I will upload everything here

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Please help me! im trying to do a cinderace Marine Dreamin but the motions aren't the same as what I usually see in other people's videos does anyone have the ability to help me?

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It depends on the model's bones. To use correctly Marine Dreamin' motion you need to have a "T-posed" model (not A-pose, there are tutorials on YouTube to change arms position) then you need to turn off the "IK" bones of the legs and foots (they are under the "load model", you need to select a bone, click "OFF" and click "register", then do the same for the other 3 bones)

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Hello, official site does not yet resurrected;;

Can you redistribute the MMD model and motion?

There is no problem if you pass it by yourself, such as Discord or Twitter.

I was looking for you all the time and found you.

I would appreciate it if you could help me.

(Sorry, this is a Google translation)

ShyGuyMMD's avatar

Hello, you actually remembered me that I wanted to put all the dls in this page.

Yes, it looks like they're not going to distribute them anymore :C

I don't have discord or twitter, if I put the dl they will be here :)

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Any method is fine,DL?

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They're out :)

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LunacuteStudent Digital Artist
Today. The full version of Stand Up! Blaze Up! is finally here. I saw in YouTube
ShyGuyMMD's avatar
Thank you for telling me! I love it.
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CoolMikuHousesHobbyist Digital Artist
More to come,
AS OF January 18, 2020, only Deep Blue Town's MMD Dance Motion was successfully recovered.
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SoraJakeBladeStudent General Artist
the websites gone
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RenRen-PNew Deviant

Hi, I'm the new account of CoolMikuHouses , well anyway sorry about that, 000webhost deleted the file

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can you reupload the motion? i think the link you give is down, i really need the deep blue town motion

Screenshot (136)
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Links are out in my deviantart :)

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