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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Welcome to my DeviantArt profile!

My name's Darien, but you can just call me Shy Gamer. I spend my free time either playing video games, drawing or just listening to music. I'm a big fan of Nintendo, especially the Mario series, so, if you watch me, expect to see loads of art based off of their games. Any feedback given, be it a watch or just a favourite, is greatly appreciated and will help support the creation of more artwork.


Fante, Oh God There's Two of Them
I guess I can keep my word! And here it is, the last reference for Toad Town... Honestly I kinda wanted to start the comic on a high note, but you know, this happened. Beggars can't be choosers I guess, at least I got something up. Speaking of getting things up, I guess it's time to say what my surprise from last time is! As you may have been able to tell by my second sentence, I'm starting up the comic again! I've already completed the second one, it'll be uploaded later today, so, as I always say, stay tuned! Now, let's get on with it!

Fante (Fhann-tay)
Species: Bandit (Homo Fur)
Physical Maturity: Early Adult
Notable Relationships:
~ Ahke: Brother
Lóng: Close Friends
Personality: Similar to Ahke's, being a bit absent minded, but with more confidence and less awkwardness

1: Fante was the first and only character to be made exclusively for this version of Toad Town
2: Like Ahke being based off of me (Initially), Fante is loosely based off of my brother
3: The only thing Fante takes from my brother directly, however, is his outfit (The jacket and hat belong to him in real life)
4: Out of the Troupe, he's the one I've drawn the least
5: Ironically, he isn't the hardest to draw, that goes to Flare, from the second version of Toad Town
Bloo, Nothing Taboo About Him!
Well, I guess schedules are out the window now. Kinda ironic, considering the fact that I had just said I wasn't going to procrastinate when it came to this account. Honestly, I can't guarantee that I'm going to upload the next character tomorrow, but... I'm sure as hell saying that I will! So expect to see a new reference then! Or don't, 'cause I may not do it! ...But if I do, I also have a bit of a surprise after that, so stay tuned for that, too! Anyway, here's a bit about Bloo.

Bloo (Bhlooh)
Species: Boo (Spiritus Inpulsa)
Mental age: Mid-Teen
Notable Relationships:
~ Dora: "BFFs"
~ Geso: Enemies (According to Bloo)
Personality: Childish and a lover of "Boo" related puns

1: Bloo was originally a Paper Mario partner I designed
2: He was the second character out of the troupe to be created
3: His name is a reference to the Boos in Luigi's Mansion, having a name that's a pun on "Boo"
4: The only thing he can remember from his past life is the movie "Shrek 2" 
5: To clarify, he only remembers the name, not anything else about the movie
Long, Flare without the flare
Remember Flare? The Fire Sister from the old version of Toad Town? This is her now, feel old yet? ...Memes aside I'd say this is a great improvement over Flare's old one (Link for comparison), at least in terms of quality. And with this, the character refs are back on schedule, meaning there's only two left to go! But before we move on to the others, we need to get through this, first! So here's a bit about Lóng!

Lóng (Lawngh)
Species: Rex (Parva Draco)
Notable Relationships:
~Ahke: Close Friends
~Cherry: Rivals, Over what remains to be seen
Personality: Brash and somewhat cocky, but kind and protective of those that she cares

Lóng is a former soldier for the Koopa Army
2: Despite the Slightly Inconvenient Tussle having ended, she still has a profound hatred of the Mario Bros.
3: The Slightly Inconvenient Tussle is what the events of the main series and R.P.G Mario games are known as in universe
4: As a kid, she owned a pet Silver Chomp named Maximus
5: She has very strong kicks for some odd reason
Dora, the First Newbie
Did You Know? Dora and Geso are the youngest and oldest characters in "Toad Town". This references the fact that they were introduced in the newest and the first Super Mario game, respectively. Wait a minute, shouldn't that have been part of Trivi- Anyway let's get on with the bio!

Dora (Dore-ah)
Species: Bonneter (Spiritus Petasum)
Physical Age: Pre-Teen
Notable Relationships:
~ Geso: Adoptive Daughter
~ Bloo: "BFFs"
Personality: Mischievous and carefree, with an affinity for practical jokes

1: Dora was the third character created out of the troupe, bring part of an early version of the comic
2: Like the Bonneters seen in Super Mario Odyssey, the brim of her hat changes depending on her current emotion
3: She doesn't have any memories of her real parents, and instead just assumes that Geso is her father and that she has no mother
4: No one is entirely sure how she's remained oblivious to her situation for so long
5: She's also the only one that can even stand the jokes Bloo tells, which is the main glue for their friendship



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